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Episode 30 · 2 weeks ago

Get Authentic with Marques Ogden- Special episode Brandon Adams


Brandon T. Adams is a 2X Emmy® Award-Winning Producer, TV Host, Media Expert, Investor and Advisor.  He is the founder of Accelerant Media Group which produces Commercials, Social Media Content, and TV Shows that Inspire and Motivate others.

During our interview Brandon share how he went from over $500,000 in debt, got his cars repossessed, to now he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his industry.  Tune into this amazing episode to help teach you how to turn your pain into your passion.

Yeah, welcome to special episode of the thirteen of the get authentic with Marcus Shell. I'm your host, Marcus Ogden, and they're gonna be Interviewing Emmy Award winner, Brandon t act before it brings brand up to the stage, I want to thank a few of our amazing sponsors. Head Start Equity owned by Brian Head, a multi family real estate investment firm out of San Antonio, Texas Canadad a hit brand out of shot North Carolina, Lux Denver or, realtor brand out of Denver Colorado. Power plus. Now off guard, a mouthguard brand out of Detroit, Michigan, Stout Franchise and bias, just shot North Carolina, and Ace Realty Group, a realtor brand out of Roan, North Carolina. Now let's bring up to the stage Mr Brandon t adams. How you doing to that, brandon? How's the old man? Good to be here. Appreciate you, my friend. You have an amazing career. You've got. You doing some great things right now as an entrepreneur, masterminds. All that kind of grace. That before get into that, Brandon, what does the word authentic slash authenticity mean to brandon t adams? That's a good question. It means being, just being you, not trying to showcase something you're not. Like on social media you'll see people that try to put up a show, sometimes just being you yourself and not trying to hiding thing or be something you're not. Brandon, you said something very compelling that on social media people try to be something that they're not. Why do you feel that is like? I've seen your social media. I like the professionalism it represents you well, I haven't got a chance to know you so far. You're very much authentic to who you are in person as you are on social media. But you and I both know people aren't like that. Why do you feel that is? I think a lot of people are insecure with who they are. I think they also they want to be liked by everyone and they want to put on a show and showcase themselves and something they're not quite maybe at Um and and honestly, I think that hurts them, I mean deep down inside. It probably even messes with them on the inside in terms of just them as human beings living a live. In some cases, and for me, I learned a long time ago, and maybe that's because I went through a couple of hardships and crisis is that you realize that just be you. You don't need to showcase ship to anybody. And so once I realized that, I just it may me me it was a much better...

I mean, I'm thirty two years old man. When I was twenty two, when I was twenty five, when I was twenty seven, it was a little different story and I was still finding myself. But after you go through enough hardships, after you face the bankruptcyes and you've had the success in business, whether making a lot of money or the Emmy awards and all that stuff, at the end of the day, as long as you're being the best you and you're living your best version of yourself, that's what matters in my mind, Um, and so I don't answer your question, but I'm sure you can relate. You answered it perfectly, because I've gone through a bankruptcy, I've lost my home, had both cars repossessed in the same day, moved to Robi, have four hundred dollars to my name after being a multimillionaire in my construction company. So let's chat about that. So you said you have some hardships, some hard times. You said to about bankruptcy. Like tell all this, the brandon t Adams story, at the hardships. I feel a WHO because what we are today it is I've had the car repot too. It's not fun. Um, not to in a day, but um it's you know, here's the thing. When you're going after something big in life, no matter let's say you're going after a championship, you're going after a business success, you're going after something very monumental that everybody wants, not many people have prepared for what's gonna come at you. And when you go after that you cannot expect the obstacles you're going to face. You know something's gonna come at you, you just don't know what, you don't know in what way, and so, as you're going after that just knowing that, most people will quit, most people don't push themselves to that. That opportunity. I call it because our greatest success has happened just beyond our darkest times. Our greatest some of my greatest success has happened just beyond some of the darkest moments. And for me it started when we did the TV show success in your city. We had we didn't have a distribution deal in place. We we had a vision and a dream to create a show. I had already created show had some success, but I wanted to do something totally different. We created the idea. We went on endeavor without having any sponsors or distribution deal in place, which which normally would fund the whole project. I funded with my own money and as we were going I was getting sponsors in different cities that would help with the whole concept of creating the show. The problem was, as I was doing that, I had a life too. I had a business and other things, and when it rains, it pours. One of my businesses I had to buy out a business partner and so that was a struggle for me. I just got done with a big event that actually I lost a lot of money on. Meanwhile I'm trying to create this show, wondering if anybody will watch it. So, Long Story Short, I get one episode in, we film, we go to the second city, we film and I'm almost like lost everything. I had negative thousands of the bank account. My bankers calling me every day wondering what's happening, and I'm like, in this this turning point in my career,... I gonna throw it in and quit and not create the show. I'm gonna figure something out, and luckily I figured something out and we got a bunch of money in and we created the rest of the show and then we want some endys short after. But it's those kind of moments that you've faced, where, whether it's not having money in your bank account or close to bankruptcy or car report or even loss of a loved one, where most people throwing the towel. But I'm here to say that when you hit those moments, and I'm sure you did too as well, you get to a point where you have a sense of peace and faith, and right beyond that is usually where you have your breakthrough. And so if you can push through the obstacle, that breakthrough is just beyond that obstacle, and so I've been lucky enough to keep pushing through and I'm glad I did. You ask you a question, Brandon. Let's get real and dive a little bit deeper for a moment. My rock bottom moment I was working as a custodian, almost repossess, cosey possess. I was. It was been a few months after that was September, two thousand thirteen I was making as a cuspilding working downtown Raleigh, and at that time there was no accountability nor responsibility for things happening in my life. I blame everybody else but me, and then God and my face said okay, Marcus, you're not literally, you're not learning, you're not listening. Here's gonna be a slap in the face. You either go up or down, your choice. So for me it was somebody spoiled milk, rotten, nasty banana peel garbage. I got all of my body, my skin and my clothes brandon and I cleaned myself up right there on the curb. Cry For about ten minutes, went home, wrote down my three biggest strings and said, okay, I'm gonna try to be a keynote speaker. Started speaking. Got Nowhere fast. No job paid. With two and a half years, got my first page job, went through it. Now here. We are, working for like forty plus port companies and speaker, three time best selling author. You gotta gotta Yalla and stuff. That's like really cool, but I got to this point through hardship and almost saying I can't do it. What was brandon t adams rock bottom moment. I have a dozen of them. Um, I really do. I'll share one of them. I mean I was I was a half a million in the hole. I had twenty depth collectors call me a day and I had to put my phone on do not diserve mode. If you weren't a contact on my phone, you couldn't call me. Um, I had so many people call me. The I had just got back from a big event, I remember, and I was excited because I had found success, but I was in an obstacle financially and I just got done a big event. I was speaking with Jack Canfield, all these big names. I come home I found out the bank has taken my land for me. And then it was about a month after while I was back home, my wife went to go start a car and it was not there. It was repo. And so that was really the moment for me when I realized I was in such a financial ship,...

...hole in and hardship that I was like what am I gonna do? And and by the way, when you're in that position and you're a person of let's say influence and you've had success and then you've got to go on a stage and speak you're a success. To people you seem like a fraud, you seem like a scam mark, but it really like that's what you do for a living, and so that was one of the most challenging parts of my life. But I will tell you when that happened. This was November December of two thousand nineteen, not that long ago. It was a matter of like three months during covid that actually I started to really get myself back up and matter of twenty four months I had a huge turnaround and was able to build up wealth and an opportunity for myself. And it happened in such a short period of time. But I will say that was a turning point for me where I wanted to give up. I led down my family, I laid down my loved ones and I had nothing. I literally negative nothing, and it felt like, as you know, it feels like you're a piece of ship. Do you feel like you are? It's all your fault, and so it's not fun. But I will tell you, if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you're eventually gonna get a win and then you find another win. Eventually you find your stride again and you get your momentum. You know, let's get real for a second. Your wife went out to start the car and it was gone. I remember when I pulled up to our new rental in Raleigh, after about maybe a week, the repo man called and came and got both cars off our driveway and our new rental within a week of moving into that property. So I get it. So my question to you is right for the listeners listening. How did you have such a strong rebound in twenty four months right now? Tell us about what you're doing your different businesses and how you're able to go from three years ago, you know, financial ruin and big and debt and twenty debt collectors calling your wife's car repossessed right to now, with what you're doing, you're in a good financial stability space. You got, you know, some great awards behind you, any or two time emy awards, you know, behind you. You've you've got your life back together. People that are listening, Brandon, they might be struggling in their life like you were in two thousand nineteen. They need to hear some action steps, something that can apply in their life. To get what I had talk to the talk to our listeners, you have to put a very specific plan in place. I realized what I was doing was not working. I was trying to dig myself out of something, but I realized I had to shut out all the negative stuff in my life in that moment, which is a lot, and I had to set it aside and, for the time being, just ignore it and think through and what I'm talking to, nor the debt collectors and or all the bad things he's I had to put myself in a positive...

...state where I could start producing, in this case money and opportunity. I put a plan together. I realized, okay, each day I have to do this, and I would always wake up, and by the way, I'd wake up every day and I would hit the gym because I had to fight the demons in my head, and demons I mean negativity and the thought of like all these things that were wrong in my life. And then after that I put the plan together where they're picking up the phone and calling somebody, sending emails, looking at what things I had for me, great mentors, great opportunity, and I could sell something. So I sold and as I'm forgetting all the negative stuff, in that case I'm selling and making money, and as I went I would knock things off here and there. Okay, knock that, dead off, knock off this, knock off that, and eventually I would find a couple of big wins that would put me a little head in my chips and then, okay, now I got three months runway. Okay, Oh, now I got six months. And so that's what worked for me. Everybody is different, but that was my way of deal lean with it. Again, like I said before, putting my phone on do not disturb, because I couldn't stand the calls coming to me every day anymore. I had to shut that out. I had to shut out different things, and then, as I got some momentum and was in more of a positive state, I could tackle things in a better way. But also my confidence started going up because you know, to think about what you were at rock bottom. Your confidence wasn't the highest. It's more like, Oh man, I feel like a failure. But once you start building your confidence up, then you can start knocking it's like no, screw that, I'm better than that, and then you start getting your wins and then you get in this whole like mindset and mentality of I'm a success. I'm wealthy, I deserve this money, and that wasn't me. That was a part of my journey. That's what I did. You gotta really put yourself in this mindset. And again, it's you could listen to the books and read the books. That's great, but also the people you call. I would call. I called dozens of people because I wanted to get advice, and it wasn't me skin for money, it was me asking for guidance. And so some of the people I couldn't listen to because they would they would say just go bankrupt or hey, do this and maybe go get a corporate job. Like I didn't listen to that. Then I had friends that said, who were, by the way, worth a lot of money. They said, Hey, I've went through chapter eleven before, I've went through failure. You'll be fine, you just gotta keep pushing forward. So I listened to that and those are the things that helped me get through. And then, because they knew that I was going through that, they would throw opportunities to me. I would act on it. I was determined and I would make money and so be a person of value, had value to others. I never went and hey, I need this money. Is More like how can I help you and serve you, which allowed me to be more prosperous and help me get out of my situation and get to where I wanted to go. So brand, what do you actually do? You have different things or entrepreneur. You're a producer, you do mastermind. I've seen your website and... have a huge following. You've got a great presence on social what do you do with your different entrepreneurial ventures? Yeah, so the main way that I make money and help people is I do it through advising, consulting and helping them grow their business, specifically through video production, storytelling and then my connections. So take a company. I'm on the board of multiple public companies, private companies. I will take my years of experience, my connections and my abilities through video production at value of the company, which helps them either raise money, raising stock value or help them grow their brand awareness. And so some every day is different. Last week I was in front of hundreds of investors and I'm pitching for one of the companies I'm a part of because I'm on the board. So I'm keeking the message. So it's public speaking more in the way I'm communicating on behalf of a company that I have ownership in. One thing I learned a while is I didn't want to I could only do so much doing one off gigs and getting paid for speaking here and there. I realized I wanted to take my talent, that value to ten or twenty of the right companies, get paid monthly fees and get paid stock so over time I could grow up my portfolio and expanding it, because I've always looked at the long game, never the short game. The first ten years of the journey, twenty to three was interesting. Now that the twenty four months and go in the next five ten years, I'm in a very good position where I can scale much faster. I never looked at as a short buck. I always looked at a long game. To answer your question, that's how I make money, but I also do in person events and bring people together through masterminds. Yeah, that's great, man, and I love all this. Listen to that. The diversity, taking his experience and trying to find the right target customers, like he said, ten to twenty clients that fit with him, a line of his values. He can take his expertise in communication and brand awareness, growth in marketing and video production. And what does he do? He compiles that into a consulting fee, gets paid monthly, gets paid stock. And I'm doing the exact same thing, utilizing my strategic business skills, because I started a company in my mid my eight by time I was thirty we were eight to year business lost at all. Now with this podcast I'm getting more introductions, building my network and I coach people and I consult and I speak as well and I love it. It's great. But most people worry about the long game and like I have a company. It's gonna come in. I'm coming into now, I'm gonna get twenty five share some stock. It's a new brand, a technology brand. I see a scaling fast. I'm part of a toothpaste brand. I'm part of a, you know, Alway Different Association. It's like a like a shoulder protection vice brand, and all that is the long game. Consulting,...

...coaching, speaking takes care of the short and the medium game, and then ownership and stock is the long game. The retirement and when I'm hoping you're getting from Brandon segment right there, is that you need to have a strategic plan and a tackle execution plan. The strategic plan is for your long term benefit. It's your overall blueprint. The tacicle is what you're doing every single day. Like Brandon said, Hey, I'm in here pasting to investors. I'm having masterminded. That's the tactical the strategic is what big picture, getting shares and growing wealth, and that's where we got to start thinking, ladies and gentlemen, Long Term Game. May Ask you this question, Brandon. You talked about people in your network that helps you when you were struggling and now you've got more connections, you've got more networking capabilities and that you bring those to your people, you're on their board, public companies, proper, Cup, et Cetera. Explain to our audience how important it really is to develop and create your network of empowered I mean, I know a lot of people say this, but it is so true. Your network is your network and the people that you surround yourself with will determine where you go. And when you're doing business with high level people like that, it brings up big opportunities to and and so when I was in that tough situation, I was able to call some very smart business men and women and so with that, because they look to me and I've provided value to them. They provided me opportunities which helped me grow, and so I've always said, who do you want to become? Find those people that already became that person in their own way and how can you get in the business with them or get them as mentors? A couple of mentors I've had one, Kevin Harrington has been a huge one. He was a pioneer of the infomercial. He did a couple of seasons on shark tank, Kevin Kevin, it's funny who Evan did a deal with him shark tank years ago. I got him as a mentor when I was twenty one years old and I knew that I could eventually get to Kevin Harrington. I end up hiring Kevin and I really believe in investing other relationships. That's like the biggest investment I've ever done. I invested with Kevin. He spoke at my event and then we did business deals together and then we became business partners. But he's also been a mentor to me and so I've been able to get guided from somebody who's taken twenty two companies not over a hundred million one to a six billion market cap, and so when I am somebody like that to call on, especially going through those tough times, he's been through him he's done it in every which way, and so that insight helps me make more money, but also, I think bigger, because before I met the Kevin's of the world, I'm from the small town of Seven people in Iowa. We didn't think like making where I'm from, if you made fifty thousand a year you're doing well, and so they don't know that you can make fifty thousands and a deal. And so that mindset... one level, but when you're around the other high level people that you think at a higher level. And so that's why I think it's important to surround yourself with people that are on the same frequency, go in the same way and they they're they're to support you, not bring you down. Brandon, how can people get in touch with you? They want to come to one of your mastermids or find out more about your consults, hanging more about your services. How can people get in touch with you to help you, to help them grow their businesses? Yeah, I am pretty easy to find them at Brandon t atoms everywhere or brandon tea Adams dot com. Or if you ever want to come to one of my events and hang out, you just go to rise and record dot com. Fantastic. Ladies and Gentlemen, the authentic tip for this amazing interview. When you're in trouble in life, business, professional, personal, whatever, don't panic. Don't start getting anxious and stressed and, you know, becoming emotional. That's not gonna get anything done. What Brandon did was he stayed calm, he stayed cognitive, he leaned on his network of empowerment. He got advice. Like I said, he called him. He wasn't asking for money. He was like, how can I get advice? What's the guidance? How can I give you value? You keep hearing that from our amazing guests again, same thing, amazing people with amazing stories. You ask people, how can you help guide me? How can I provide value? You provide value with somebody, they're gonna what pay you for your time. So Brandon used his value add or his unique buying reason, his network patience, did not get emotional or stressed. Or of course he's probably nervous and all that, but he didn't kind of show it out outwork to people. And what did he do? He rebuilt himself, he realigned himself, he rebranded himself to where he is today. So that's the authentive tip. When life knocked you down, which you know it's going to, don't pant. You've heard me talk about before. I met Ernie Shavers, who fought Mohammed Ali. Ernie Shavers said he knocked Mohammedi down one time, he got I can knock him down again. The second time he knocked down Ali. He said when Aili got up off the canvas, Ernie Shavers panic. He said, Oh, I knocked him down twice. I gave him all I had. He got up and he said he told me I'm gonna Bet Him in Vegas. The Minute Ali got from that second knockdown, Ernie Shavers knew he was gonna lose the fight and he lost. Why? Because he panicked, he got emotional. Don't panic when life is hard. Be Cognitive, be very innovative, lean on your network and...

...have them help me get through. Brandon did it, I did it, you can do it. This was special episode number thirteen of the get authentiic with Marcus Shaw. I'm your host, Marcus Ogden, thanks for tuning in. Got A great game.

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