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Get Authentic with Marques Ogden

Episode 15 · 1 month ago

Get Authentic with Marques Ogden- Luisa Mendoza


CEO Of Global Tourism Sports and Entertainment

During this interview, Marques sits down with Luisa Mendoza, CEO/Founder of GTSE to discuss her transition from working in corporate America with the Brooklyn Nets, to her rise as one of the most successful CEO's in the sports and tourism business!

Yeah h hello everyone, and welcome to special episode number six of the get authentic with Marcus show. I'm your host, Marcus Ogden, and today we are joined by the CEO and founder of G T S E MS, Louisa Mendoza. Before we bring Louisa up to the stage for her amazing interview, I want to thank two of our amazing sponsors. As Realty Group, a realty brand in the rock North Carolina area owned by Lee Hamill, and I must win finential, literacy, money, lessons, authentic life, brand building and teaching athletes how to fish in the nail world, owned by my good friend Ryan Shatner. Now let's bring to the stage the founder and CEO OF G T S E, this Louisa Mendoza. Louisa, how are you today? I'm doing great. How are you, Marcus? Thank you for having me on your show. Doing well, doing well. Thank you very much for joining us to Luisa. Before we get started, what does the word authentic, slash authenticity mean to Luisa Mendoza? Being real to your core values, being real to who you are from within and letting those core values be aligned with everything that you do. That, to me, is being authentic. And an integrity with oneself. I love it. Audience. Let's get real a little bit early here for that, but I'm just want to kind of state what she said because I think it's phenomenal. To Luisa. Being authentic means creating an alignment and an accountability between you and your core values. And when you have alignment and accountability between your vision of where you want your life to go and the core values that you should have embedded in you and in your soul, that's when great things happen. That's when authenticity happens, that's when the magic happens. We just I ask you a quick question before we get started. Why do you feel so many people struggle with aligning their core values to their vision? Is it because they're trying to be something that they're not? Are they trying to uh, put on a mask of like... know that people think that they might have this or they might have that. Where do you feel the disconnecting society is with people who are living what we call an UNAUTHENTIC lifestyle? That's a great question, and the first thing that comes to mind is I believe there's a lot of people who have not discovered yet what their true core values are. And when you don't know what those core values are then it's almost like getting in a car without a GPS and just saying I'm going for a ride. You don't have a destination. But when you know, you have your gps, you know what your core values are, then you know that when you do something it's in alignment with your core values or it's not. It's simple right. It's either yes or no when it comes to our actions. So I think the first step is all of us, and me include did every day I start out my morning by really being clear of what my intentions are and what my core values are, so that throughout the day, if I am presented with a challenge, an opportunity, I can go back to this is not sitting right with me. This is not an alignment with WHO I am, and I do believe that because we live in such a rushed world where we're just going and going, going, going, that sometimes we allow circumstances to just take place and we don't stop to ask ourselves, is this an alignment with WHO I am? M Hm HM, Ladies and gentlemen, let's get real. I love how Louisa said, if we're going too fast. If we're going to impatiently, then we don't really know sometimes who we are at our core, because we're so concerned with keeping up with the fast piece of society and we end up a lot of times conforming to others. It's going to be really huge in that regard. Now, if, Louisa, can you tell people a little bit more about you and G T S E and you know, what is the organization talked more and more about? You know, what do you do and, of course, how did you start your entrepreneurial journey to begin with? Absolutely so. My background has always been in tourism. I was very blessed that in high school I was in a program that allowed me to do a paid internship at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale and I immediately fell in love with the tourism industry. Fast forward, moved to New York, had my dream job. I was working for NYC and company, which is the official Tourism Office for New York, and then I was recruited to go work for the NBA in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Nets, and when...

I had the opportunity to work with them, and that in itself talk about core values and being an alignment. That was one of the biggest risks of my career up to that moment because I had a very stable job, something that I love doing. I woke up every day, I jumped out of bed every day so happy when I was at NYC and company, and so taking on this challenge was truly a huge challenge because they never had a tourism person within the organization. So to go work for the M B A and to be at the Brooklyn Nets such a huge, you know, organization and start something new was truly a challenge because we didn't know what the results were going to be. So I was very blessed that my uh former CEO, um, he just was amazing, Fred Dixon, because he said, Louisa, as much as I hate to see you go, I would be the most selfish person if I don't let you take gone this role. So I left with their blessing and I went and took on this role and I realized right then and there that there was such a huge gap between sports and tourism. I could go on and explain this and that would take up the whole podcast, but to summarize, executive summary, I realized when I was working for the Brooklyn Nets that when I actually had an opportunity to give up presentation to all of these different sports teams at the biggest tourism trade show I pw, I said, if I know, sports is super competitive and you know that that that's what definds the game. You have to be competitive. However, in tourism were one big family and I was like, if anybody needs support, like I'm here for you. And so, of course, after dropping numbers, thirty seven percent of international travelers want to come to the US to see a sporting event, and letting them realize all of the potential revenue that their teams could make, my own started ringing. On the flip side, I was traveling, going to London, China, Australia, you name it, and every time I was sitting with clients they're like you really get the tourism industry? I'm like, of course, I've been in the tourism industry for twenty years. They're like, can you give us access to more sports teams? And that's where the idea started. In January of was when I took the biggest risk and I started my own company called J T S E, global tourism, sports and entertainment and GTSC was started to be a B two B platform to be able to connect the tourism industry so that just like they're able to offer hotels, attractions, uh flights, now they can include sports in their offerings to the end consumer. And of course, that was January. We all know what happened three months later with the pandemic. Yep, you're going like this, and that's exactly but Steve Jobs always says... can't con used to say right, you can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect and looking backwards and looking back, while my business came to a complete stop with sales, it was actually the best thing that could have happened to me because it gave me time to stop and talk to people. People had time, oh my God, like something we never had before the pandemic. Right, but the pandemic slowed everybody down so that I could really create focus groups with the sports industry and the tourism industry and really understand what was the gap and how we could solve that. Three years later, here we are, Um, two years later. It feels like three years later already two. I lost track of time during the pandemic, but we are now the official Um Sports and Tourism Ambassador to the US Travel Association and I pw, the largest tourism trade show, so business is starting to pick up. Hasn't been an easy ride. I think the timeline says it all, but it's been such a fun journey and it's being authentic right. I think it all goes back to I knew that this was something that was needed in the both industries and for whatever reason the pandemic happens and I wasn't going to question it, I was going to receive it and continue to push forward and I know at least at the end of the day, I can look back and say I did everything in my power to bridge the gap between these two industries and make sure that when people travel, they now have access to get a ticket, because the hardest thing in travel. Imagine Marcus, tomorrow you're going to China, or let's say you're going to Australia, or let's say you want to go to Barcelona and see a soccer game. Where do you go? Where do you get tickets? And the number one problem is that tourists end up buying fraudulent tickets and as the New York Times voted me, the Washington Post, excuse me, I said, if it sounds too good to be true, then the probably is. And Good luck with that. Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get real. Louisa was working for one of the most prominent NBA organizations in the Brooklyn Nets. She decided in January to launch her new business, GT S E, and unfortunately, three months later the global pandemic hits. Are Not just our country or her area, the entire world. The entire world was negatively affected by the global pandemic and covid nineteen. And what's really just absolutely authentically amazing about Louisa is she didn't...

...give up. She continued to press forward. Like she said, thinks now are opening up. But was it easy to get to this point? Absolutely not. I've told you all before. Started speaking September two thousand thirteen. Then get my first pace speaking job until April two thousand sixteen. Two and a half years. I grind it, I scratched, I clawled. Louisa with G T S E. She grinded, she scratched, she clawled, and now here she is coming out on the other side and it's so authentically amazing and just stupendous, there's a good word, to see her success. Have a question for you, Louisa, for people that are listening, entrepreneurs that are have or are or have been negatally affected by the pandemic, which is a lot of people, and are still fighting the good fight, like you're doing. You are. I'm starting to see travel open back up, borders are within us, cross things are coming back, mass requirements are going down. You know, things are starting to get back to some sort of normalcy. If you had one or two tips to give an entrepreneur in this time that they're trying to push forward and get things back on track, like you've done with g t s e, what was Louisa, what was Louisa Mendoza tell them to do to get going in the right direction? M Hmm, I love that question. One make sure you have a coach. I not because I'm on your show, Marcus, and I don't want this to sound cheesy and sales c you. When March happened, not only was I recovering from covid because I got really sick, no one happen. You shot and I said to myself. I'm a single mom. I got my mother, my father and my little girl that I need to take care of. What am I gonna do? And the first thing that came to mind was, it was some one of the most wisest words. I believe it was Tony Robbins who said the best investment you can ever make, it's not real estate, is the investment you make in yourself. And while I have no income coming in, I was living on purely savings. I said, with what I have right now, I need to find someone that is gonna help me, because I've never been in this road before, and that's why, what I've heard, your story of someone that had been at the top and how you reinvented yourself, I knew I needed to work with you, and that's when I connected with you. We I heard your story and again, not to be sales e, cheesy, Corny, what already want to go.

Thank you at all. I'm Ca'Ming at real guys being authentic. Hiring you as my personal business coach was the best investment I made during the pandemic and I would do it all over again every day, because you truly gave me the strength to move forward. You gave me the business insight you. You were there for me in our calls every two weeks and I was being held accountable to you and I knew that I have to make progress and of course I know I have my mom, my dad, my daughter, everything right, but I knew that with you there was an action plan. So the first and foremost is find a business coach that talks to you, that can help you really elevate your game to the next level. The second thing I would recommend to do is your tribe creates your vibe around yourself by people who are going to lift you, who are going to be your number one cheerleaders on moments when you're like Ah, I have a picture of what we're called the ladies to lunch, and this picture right here, I have it in my desk because these four girls are my cheerleaders. We are just always supporting each other. We get together once a month. During the pandemic, we had virtual happy hours on Friday. We were trying to keep saying and so when you have that, whether it's a group of girlfriends, whether it's a coach, my my my partner, Raphael, he's been another person that has just been such a huge support. So I would say those two things are critical, and having people that you can connect with on a spiritual level, because when we're going through the trenches and when life it gets really dark and we don't see a way out, when you know you have your prayer warriors that are that are there on their knees, such as my mother and my all my prayer warriors, I know that those are the prayers that lifted me up and got me through covid those are the prayers that lifted me up and got me through the pandemic, through making sure that my business I didn't have to close it. and honestly, I looked back and it's a miracle. And I would be remiss if I didn't say living in gratitude, because when we can live in gratitude, that's when miracles happened, because it is scientifically proven that you cannot be anxious and grateful at the same time. You can't here and say I am grateful for this opportunity to be enjoying this nice tea and having this fruitful and enjoying this conversation with you and at the same time be upset about something. Gratitude is. If you ask me what's one...

...thing that has changed my life forever, it's gratitude and being in gratitude. Things to Garth, and I'll go into that because that's why we're doing an event coming up. But gratitude is the element that changes the attitude. It blowers her broad blood pressure, helps us sleep better at night. It is scientifically proven that it rewires our brain. So when you want to scream and yell and you're like, what's going on, just stop, breathe and say what is three things that can be grateful for and that, my friend, are so I know you said the one thing, but I'd be I would be taking away if I didn't share all of my nuggets that have just my nuggets of wisdom that have made such an impact in my life. Ladies and Chentelmen, let's get real one more final time. I love how she said your vibe creates tuthent your tribe creates your vibe. You hear me say all the time, create a network of empowerment, because that's gonna move mounds. And again I'm so thankful for her talking about me as her coach, because I've been coaching her now for about two years and she's a phenomenal client. But again, I love how Luisa said I helped hold her accountable. What did she say in the very beginning when I asked about authentic slash authenticity? It's about creating accountability between your vision and your values. See where we're going. Accountability, authenticity, all these things are major factors in creating the lifestyle that you want for yourself. So, Luisa, BEFOREMGARA, to wrap up, tell me about you have an event coming up. You were mentioned talking about. Mentioned that and then also tell people where they can connect with you. They want to find out more about G T S, e want to use your services. How can they get in touch with you? Absolutely so, October fifth through the tenth, we are going to have an amazing retreat in Barbados where people are going to have the opportunity to recharge, rejuvenate and learn strategies and skill to improve your mindset, your business, your relationships, in your life. It is a gratitude retreat that your life will never be the same through the practices of gratitude and forgiveness. We're excited that you're speaker, that you'll be talking about mindset. There's an entire team behind this that is planning the most amazing six days where your life will never be the same. And if you want more details on this event, and we have an exclusive office offer for your viewers only, you're gonna go to get up and grow retreats Dot Com. That's get up the letter n grow retreats Dot Com. And if you want to reach out to me, you can find me...

...on Linkedin at Louisa Mendoza, or you can always email me at Luisa L U I S A at global tourism sports dot com. And I am just looking forward to this retreat because it's time for people to get up and grow out of their comfort zone and to grow into the person that each and every one of us is meant to be. And that's what's gonna Happen. It's going to be a transformation, but it's also going to be an opportunity to enjoy Barbados. We're gonna go on a Catamaran cruise, we are going to go on rum tours, we're gonna do Beach Yoga Retreats, we're going to have an opportunity to plant trees. I mean, every day has been crafted with such love and just so much thought process that every single person that's going to be speaking, whether it's on business, relationships, mindset, Arcle, manifestation, right here are all of these different topics. When you come out, I know for sure it'll be like going to Tony robins event. You will never be the same person going in as you are going to be that person coming out. And whether it's the retreat or global tourism, sports and entertainment. Again, you can find me on linked in and I hope to see many of you in Barbados. So pack your baiting suit and just be ready to embrace the new version of you with all of these amazing speakers. Go to the website. You can see the fullest of the speakers that are going to be there. Top not renowned names that are just making an impact on so many lives and you, I hope, will be one of those lives that will be impacted forever at this amazing retreat in Barbados. Everybody. This sin is my friend, my client, Louisa and Dosa, founder and CEO of GT S T e. The authentic tip for special episode number six. Invest in you first. You are your number one asset. Said, never forget that as long as you invest in you, believe in you and always bet on you, you can have whatever objectives your heart desires. Again, Barbados. We are looking forward to it. We included, will be speaking about how to climb the mountain and have the mindset to continue to push forward through adversity and through challenges. We look forward to having potentially joined us. But again, regardless, connect with Louisa. She's positive, she's inspirational and she's impactful. She's changed my life. Being the great person she is, she can help change your life for the better too. Again, it's a special effort. So number six of the get authentic with Marcus show.

I'm your host, Marcus odden. Thanks for joining. Have a great day. m.

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