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V. Lakshmi has an unbelievable story that paints a portrait of an uncommon life: an orphan born in a remote village in India, adopted and raised by a white Jewish family in America. The tragic, mysterious death of V.’s biological mother two days after her birth tenderly foreshadows the maelstrom of sensitive feminine health issues V. would face in her life, including a twenty-year battle with endometriosis, infertility, failed adoption, and the decision to embrace hysterectomy as way of creating new life… the rebirth of V. herself.

V. Lakshmi’s is a rising voice in the movement of women’s storytelling. It is rooted in a cross-cultural, adoptive-family love story unlike any other. Lifted up by wings strengthened through struggle, V.’s story flies in the face of society’s expectations for women to look a “certain way” and slip comfortably into the American Dream. Not that our cultural dreams aren’t beautiful, yet what happens when life changes our plans?

In this heartfelt interview, we chat with her about all the obstacles she has had to overcome, to get where she is today in her life… This is an episode you truly don’t want to miss… To hear more heartfelt episodes, please click the website link, Marques Ogden | Keynote speaker - Executive Coach

It's a sellers market, but for how long houses are selling for a premium. But you still want to make sure to maximize the value you get what you still can. I'm Lea Valley, a century twenty one realtor and relocation coach in a metro Atlanta area. I know the most important thing is to always have a consistent pipeline of motivated buyers to help sellers get the value they deserve. Are you ready to sell? Give me a call it two zero three two three. That's two zero three two one three five or check out my website at Lea Valley Realtor dot com. Hello, we want and welcome to another elite episode of the Get Authentic with Marcus Show. I'm your host, Marcus Ogden and today we're joined by Rachel Bett. Before bring Rachel to the stage, I want to thank two of our amazing sponsors, Canadaid, a hip brand out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Fusion Claims Consultants. They are a brand that helps you get insurance claims resolved out of the Maryland area. Now bring up to the stage my good friend and successful entrepreneur and LinkedIn influencer, Rachel Bett. Hey doing that, Rachel, I'm doing good. Thank you so much for having me and it's an anam privileged to be here. Thank you absolutely, Rachel. You know I think you're phenomenal. You have a lot of great stuff going on, Rachel. Before we get started, what does the word authentic slash authenticity mean to Rachel? Back being the real me? This is where I show up every day like whenever I mean whenever people may mean person like you're the same exact person that I see every day. So so we ask you this question, Rachel, why do you feel so many people don't want to be themselves? Are are afraid to show up as themselves? Are you know, are just they don't want to let people know who they really are? What do you think that stems from? Where you think that when it comes from in that in that regard, fear of judgment, fear of criticism, that that's what happens. So I listen, people judge me all the time before they even know me. So I do all I do with it all the time. It's a fear right like, um, I'm not perfect and make mistakes, I have flaws. I tell my network that why do I do that? So they understand that it's okay not to be perfect, you you know, I I know people come hard at us than this is the reality of it. So it's fear judgment, it's fear criticism. So racial, you've now become this amazing you know linked in influencer, you know all this kind of great stuff. Right, what is it that you have done? And tell our listeners your personal and professional story kind of like in a combination, like in a in a whole wraptid one scenario. That's a great question. Thank you for asking me, Um Marcus. My life hasn't been easy. People only know one percent of my story. Um, I've been trying to survive my whole life. I was born in India. My mom died two days after giving birth. I'm looking for my biological father. I was I was put into the founder of an orphanage is home, and I was adopted by a white Jewish family in the States. I am an Indian Jewish woman. I have gone through...

...more things. I've been told that, UM, I shouldn't even be here for the stuff that I've been through. I've had four I've almost died four times in my life, and UM, one of those happened three weeks ago. I'm constant fighting to survive, Marcus. That's what I'm trying to do. I battled a disease for twenty years. UM. I donated one of my ovaries to science to help find a cure. UM. I have PTSD, so I used my voice for mental health from deeply traumatic events that have happened in my life. In my life, I've survived two attempted rapes from strangers. Not but none of it UM. Luckily I was saved by men who stepped in and saved me. UM. None of it's been easy, ideal with so much racism, anti semitism, and you know what's going on in this country. And my worst experiences have happened within the last two years, where I was walking my dog I'm not going to stay the state for a reason, and was hunted down by a truck with four white males in it who were calling me a name, you know the name, I'm not gonna and um, and they flipped the truck around after I was trying to run and get away, and they did it again. UM. And I honestly didn't know if I was going to get thrown in that truck because that was going on, right, they were picking up people that looked like this is only two years ago, like picking up people like me, and they're hauling them to the back of the truck and you know things like that. So, um, yeah, it hasn't been easy. I'm not gonna um stand out on any of this, you know, I'm just not going to do that. I've been blessed by the family who has adopted me. They're incredible, They're amazing, They're just they're just wonderful, wonderful people. I'm gonna stand up for the underdog. It's what I do every day. You know. I took so many notes there, Rachel. And you know, first of all, let me be clear, let's get real. It's horrible that we have to deal with racism, anti semitism, you know, just all types of just injustices period. But it's even more disgusting that here we are in two thousand twenty two and we're still having the same problems. Like where I live in the South, I'm in North Carolina. I mean, I know exactly unfortunately, what you're going through. I actually had my cousin sent me something saying where a racist did not allow a black shop to get candy, but allowed white children to get candy out of trick or treating yesterday And I was just horrified by that. I mean, we're in two thousand twenty two, Like, can we get past all of the crap? Can we move past all this? And that's my question, Rachel, So, I love how you said you fight for the underdog. I took a big note of that, and fight for the underdog? Larte things does Rachel Beck do in her everyday life to fight and be a champion for the underdog? You know, I stand up for people when they're getting bullied. I have zero talents for bullying, and I use my voice and I'm pretty loud about it. Like, so if I see something wrong, someone's you know, you and I are deeply conscious of every board that we write, that we say that we put out into this world. And I really wish people would think before they spoke. So I see somebody that's being treated unfairly, I step in. I step in um, and then I'll take that person who is treated unfairly and take the markets to the very very top. Uh. People, there are so many situations where people didn't stand up for me.

Why I've been kicked out of places and there's because of the color of my skin. And there's a hundred fifty people online and no one said a word. And we know and I know from saying psychology and you know about the bystandard effect. It's not okay, it's not okay. I know what it's like too. This was two years ago. I walked into a restaurant um to pick up food. I was asked to stand in the front of the restaurant because they didn't want anybody else to see me in the whole restaurant. I almost Marcus, I almost did a video that day, but I thought about the waiters, the people who were working there, and said, you know what, they have no idea what's going on the front. These are people's jobs, right, Um, because you know I have allowed microphone. I was down, dude. I was very very adaptive. So I'm gonna stay it because no one does like you have to do that. And there's been so many situations where people haven't stood up for me that they just watched. They stood there and UM. One of the worst experiences I've scene, which I'm gonna tell you the story because it needs UM. I was on a plane, I'll leave the airline out, okay. Um. I was on a plane that This was a couple of years ago. The plane landed and there was an African American flight attendant and um, and I was like in the back right. It was the last one to get off the plane. And there was a man who ran up to her on the plane right and handed her something. Okay. She starts crying and shaking. The rest of the crew is like getting people off the plane. The man had, um handed her dirty I'm just gonna be honest with you, warners. You know, dirty underwear with figle matter in it. Okay. The stewardess she you know, she starts shaking and crying and she doesn't even know me, She started shaking. Well, luckily, um, some of from the crew had you know, ran back so that she was. They took care of it, you know, they went after the guy. You know, they took care of the the airline take care of the situation. And um. She whenever friends gathered around her. It was the most one of the most discussing things I've witnessed about. This was two years ago on a plane, and so when I got out of the plane, I you know, I went to do something. I came back to check on her, and she said, why did you you know? Why? You know you don't know me? Why did why did you stop and help me? I said, because I've been where you're at. I know. And I saw the fear in your eyes. I saw the tears come down your face. And it's inexcusable what happened to you. And they said things like this happened to me all the time. And she hugged me and she said, thank you, just thank you. And I said, she was with a friend, she was getting help. The whole thing. They were doing the right thing. They did right by her. So yeah, you know, you can't walk away from somebody who is shaking and crying. You can't do that. Ladies and gentle let's get real for a minute. This is exactly what our show is all about, authentic people like Rachel sharing their authentic stories. It's absolutely horrifying to hear stories like this because it's not necessary, Like people are people, right, I've got off feel a lot of challenging times, difficult times, hard times. Never have I acted in any type of out of character. Even people are treating me back right, because it doesn't go anywhere. Aristotle said, Rachel, one of the biggest things are the number one thing people are gonna judge you off of is your character? Right? How do you handle situations? How do you you know, deal with things as they embark upon you? Right? So my next question for you, it's Rachel,... about the work you do with your lengthen lies. I've been a guest several You get tremendous positive feedback and tremendous support, and every time I see it, I like it or hard. When I see you this, I like a heart one because you are exactly like me when it comes to the souls that we have, which is helping people get through traumatic hard times. Talk about that, Rachel, talk about you and what you're doing with your work in that remar you know, Marcauts, I will and thank you for asking me. I woke up um that March the pandemic right the first day of the lockdown. I was crying in bed because I'm an EmPATH and it felt the pain that was going around the world. And they said, Okay, my network is going to need help and they're gonna need it right now. So I made that choice to start the podcast US and you know when I texted you and reached down, said Marcus, I want you to come on the show as a social media influencer. It's not about us, It's about our network and how many people can we help. Well. I had friends who were grieving. I had friends who are losing jobs. I had family members that were being sept you know, we're separated. People felt isolated, they were scared, they were beyond scared that at the beginning of the lockdown. So I made that conscious choice and said, you know what, this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna help as many people as I can. And I'm doing the show for three years. I only interview people who are inside my network, and when they come on the show, they have to educate, motivate, or inspire people. I was worried about people's emotional well being. I was worried about the mental well being. I was worried about how lonely they felt. Um, we know what's going on. We know how severe mental health issues are right now. It is very very serious in this car Trean and I had a psychologist on the show and he said it's up eight and that mental health issues are now the new pandemic. And he said, don't need to be kind to each other. People need to um being conscious of the things that they say because people have been pushed so much over the last three years stress wise. So it's it's important that we're nice to each other. Ladies and gentlemen. Let's talk about and really get real with what she said. Mental health issues are up over eight hundred percent, not eight percent, not eight percent, a hundred percent, right, And it's the work of people like Rachel that are forming communities not too for this all the time. The best way to combat or fight depression and aiety and dark thoughts is good community is good people, because good people are gonna push you towards the precipice of actually turning your life from darkness to light. So, Rachel, my last question for you is you know you talked about you go prop to either inspire, educate, motivate something of that nature. Right. I learned from a great meeting planner from Access Equable. Great speakers do three things very well. They are masters of stage presents. They educate their audience, and they engage their audience right, how important is it for you people coming on your length and live to not just inspire and motival, also come across confident with great physiology, controlling their mental focus and believing that they deserve to succeed. Because again, I feel on your show many people well watch your show live the recordings, and I feel confidence is...

...something people are missing right now because of what's going on around the blow. What are your thoughts on that? Yeah, I thank you for your kind goings, Marcus. I think confidence comes from how we were raised. Was it instilled? You know? My parents taught me I could be anything that I wanted to be, to reach for the stars. So they instill that, you know, they instilled that me, Like I'd come up with an idea and they're like, go for it, just go over. So is um you're dealing with for people is confidence is low self esteem. It's the minute that they try to put themselves out there, right, they finally can do it, and then someone slams them down. I mean someone slams them down. I remember I've been doing videos for five years. I remember the morning I did my first video. I was nervous, I was scared. I had written a post the day before, asking people to tell me about their lives. They kept going and it was deep and I was crying. Someone I talked about being buried alive. I mean, it was very serious things. When the post kept going, going, going, and said, Okay, they just opened up their heart and soul. Now I have to have the confidence and the strength to do a video because I wanted to thank them. And that was my first video. I sat on the floor, turn on the camera and said Hi, my name is Rachel Beck. But I remember that feeling being like, okay, it's my first video. House it gonna go And everybody was like yes, really you see in the phrase like this is who you are. But you know, people get butterflies. You're gonna get butterflies. Someone very wise in my life, who's the mentor and highly highly successful, taught me um and I've been a public speaker for fifteen years. He said, the minute you walk on to stage and you don't have butterflies in your stomach, you've become arrogant. You've become ego filled, because it means you you you're so you're overconfident, right, there's a line between arrogance ego confidence, he said, you want and he's he's testified that. I mean, he's like that kind of speaker. So he said, rache is good to feel that. It means you're live. It means that when you get on stage. I just didn't talking about like spanch people a couple of weeks ago, like you get on stage, be just be here you are. And I've done it. I've gone on the stage and said, you know, I'm a little nervous today, but I'm gonna do the best job that I can do. So there's different signs of it. You know, let's get real full a moment, lady and gentlemen. You know, if you don't have butterflies that you love, no matter how good you are at it, you might have or are developing potentially an ego. And I have an acronym for ego exaggerated glorify opinions. And I remember the minute I got my ego with Caden Premier Enterprise of my old construction company. The minute that we were in the paper, the Baltimore Son Paper for our brand for being a minority King of Baltimore, were the large Africanican subcontracting company. The minute I finished reading that article was the beginning of the demise of me and our brand because I felt so much ego. I was so arrogant, I was so crazy about ah here I am and so again. Ego to me is exaggerated, glorified opions. I have a saying which will love to hear your thoughts on this. The minute your ego gets bigger than the good part of your soul, you're screwed. Because we all have an ego. But if we can't check our ego, then it doesn't matter how good...

...we are some because we're always gonna end up what I call the short side of stay. What are your thoughts on that? I absolutely agree with you. Here, here's three my turn offs, right, egos, entitlement and selfish behavior. Those are my three biggest turn offs. Um, and I've studied ego, right, we all have it. It's in the psych You got your age, you've got your ego. I see people ringing their careers every day because of the ego. I'll be honest with you. I see it every single day, and I'm like, who you were? Really kind, humble, being like a year ago? What has happened to you? Like? I see that and there's nothing Let me just say as loud and brown, there's nothing more attractive than a kind, humble human being. Those are the people I look for everyday markets, and then I'm taking them to the top. You know, it's interesting you look for those people and you take them to the top. I'm reading a book right now by gout in Gary Landy. I'm actually gonna be in one of his uh He's do like a virtual book tour brings speaking, so I'm gonna be speaking, and I'm reading this book right now called Strategic Influence, And the first step of strategic influence, according to Gary, is perspective. How you look at things, how you value things, But most importantly, Rachel, how you appreciate things. Talk to our listens about even though that you do a mass this great following length and you have this really awesome lengthd in live and this podcast, and you know you're in high demand for speaking and traveling all this stuff, You're still the same person that you were when I met you and had a change. That's how I am. Like. I was just talking to a client today about doing a speaking job. As hand marks what you're speaking, b I said, ten thousand, I said, what's your consultant. I said, seting by Hunter for six hours and get one hour a month, and I came across very confident, no ego, and this that's where I charged my clients. And you know, we had a great call. It went actually over the thirty minute mark. And now we have a call set for the later this month in the afternoon. And they're so excited about me speaking at their accomplishes potentially and consulting for their organization. But I'm still the same guy. That's right, guy, and that don't matter me. And talk about how you, Rachel, have just maintained who you are, your authentic, authenticity persona, your lifestyle. It hasn't affected you. And success and fame has done nothing but made you more humble to keep helping others go to the top. You and I talked about the inner circle, right because we're in the same inter so we talked about that and I'm like, um, seven, you're gonna be forty seven. I'm pretty set my ways. Mark's like, who am change? I never forget my boots, I never forget why I get up every day because I had this goal that I'm trying to hit. Until I hit that goal, I won't stop. I had many goals, many goals and passions that I'm working on. I'm just there's just who it sounds like, just who I am. I am grateful every day. I always sign up on Friday telling my network that I love them and I'm grateful because that's how I feel, and I want them to know that you can decide, you know how you're gonna be in this world. I was taught from a very young age about the importance of having an attitude of gratitude, the importance not being entitled. And I saw all this, right. I've also, you know, it's a photographer for ten years. I've seen the worst that the world has to offer. I have photographed stuff that most people couldn't even I couldn't imagine. Right, I've seen the worst that humanity has has to of her. I've been in places that most people...

...wouldn't step into. I know the evil that is in this world because they've witnessed it. I've seen it, I've seen it, documented it. So I don't live in this rainbow union. People ask me all the time, you're so positive. Yes, I'm a positive person, because they make that choice. Do I live in a land of rainbows and unicorns. Absolutely not, because I've seen the worst. I've seen the worst, ladies and gentlemen. To wrap up that segment, I'm gonna say, mindset is what you make of it. Like Rachel said, she doesn't live in this la la land of rainbows and unicorns and no kumbaya. All that she's seen the worst. She's been around the worst, and she knows how valuable it is to have humility to appreciate the fire things in life. And that's the question I have for you, Rachel. Some of us listening right that strong with perspective or positive mindset. It's interesting. One of the biggest things you need to do to relate to people, which one of the hardest things for people is have a positive mindset. It seems so easy, it seems so cliche, but good Galli, o'maly, how many people don't have it, They don't think positive. I know somebody going through a hard time right now, and she is just living a very unhealthy life. She is not clean, she's not taking care of things, she is letting things around her, living things in general, you know, just pile up and pit sty and not being very proactive and not being very positive and how she approaches things. And for our listeners, how can people who are struggling with positive mindset or a better perspective, how can Rachel Beck help them to change that mentality to the next level and get where they're trying to get. It's a choice. Remember, not even gonna sugarcoat it. It is a conscious choice. Marcus. I have every reason to be angry at the world because of the way the world is treated me. I have every reason to walk to just walk away, you know, just just walk away. It's a choice that I need to get back up. I have fallen down so many times due to um, all the events and all the trauma I've experienced, and I imagine I'm seeing it in my head right now. I remember the choice waking up, going all right, you just went through the most horrific experience. What are you gonna do now? Are you gonna let it to feed you? Or are you gonna get up? I got up, and there was a choice I made. Could Could I have stayed in bed all day and said no reason that I should. I could have and I could have done it many many times. Many people. I've been told by psychologists that she can't believe I'm still standing is the stuff that I've experienced. So it was a choice. I could say I got up, swung my legs over the bed and let's just do this and it be. That's just my pattern, right is every day. You know, I deal with a lot of stuff in my life. You know, I deal with a tremendous amount of stuff. So I get up, and it's a decision. It's a it's a it is a choice that I make. I am responsible for over two people every day. They are my heart and my soul, and they need to know they're not alone. A lot of them feel very very scared right now. They feel like they're alone. Um, people people are still losing jobs they were. Yes, there are people I have good friends they just got laid off. Absolutely. Yeah, So you and I take this responsible. You're talking about mindset. It is a choice. It is our mindset to go out there...

...and help as many people as we can. Rachel, what a phenomenal episode. If people want to follow their content, get in touch with you, how they go about doing that? Um, they can just um follow me in Lincoln and I appreciate them doing that. So we've been you know, we've been friends for a long time. Let's talk about this. This is how you and I met. I showed up on your post one day and we started talking and we built We built a very strong friendship or in the inner circle we had. You know, we help each other out with boom boom, you know, how do we do this? How do we do this? And we have each other's backs a thousand percent. So if anything you need, your family needs, you know, I'm going to do everything in my power to help you. That's just the kind of friendship we have. So that's a big part of it. We have to be I always had my eyes open. We have to be very conscious of who are real friends are. And I know who mine are, and and in ladies and gentlemen, that's a powerful sect. And to end on, you have to be conscious of your real friends. That's the authentic tip of this amazing interview. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Know that identified that I know a lot of people who have ruined their lives because they trusted the wrong people who had the wrong intentions for them. They believe them and then Kyle, their life is ruined. So again, understand be cognizant and conscious of who your friends are and who you allow to your inner circle. Trust us. It's a big thing. So again like to thank for sponsoring this episode, Cannadaid and Lux Denver. Thank you all for aligning your brands with our show. Thank you Rachel Back for coming on. You were phenomenal. Again, this is rokis odin you hopes of the get offensive with Marcus show. Thanks for tuning in. Had a great thing.

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