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Episode 8 · 2 weeks ago

Get Authentic with Marques Ogden - Dennis Mallen


Marques Ogden speaks with Dennis Mallen, former tech CEO, turned Hollywood actor and film producer about his authentic journey transitioning from corporate America into Hollywood!

Hello everyone, and welcome to special episode number three of the get authentic with Marcus show. I'm your host, Marcus Austen, and we have an amazing special guest today, Mr Dennis Mallen, MAG as. You have a phenomenal story. Before we bring him to the stage, I want to thank a few of our amazing sponsors. Head Start Equity, owned by Brian Head, a multi family real estate investment firm out of San Antonio, Texas Canada. Aid a hip brand. I don't short North Carolina, Lux Front range on my good friend Robert Blaze, a real trip brand out of the demmer Colorado area. Power Plus Mouth Guard by Dr Michael Hutchinson out of the Michigan area, and Stout Franchise advisors helps businesses get into the franchise business. Now here. On Special Episode Number Three's my man, the baller, Dennis Mallen, there to the stage because, man, thank you so much for having me on. I've been I've been looking forward to this ever since we we originally spoke. Thanks for having me on, man, absolutely so. Everybody just so full this full authenticity. I met Dennis through my great friend and Client Gus for Roy. Gus told me about Dennis and his show that he had was on. He was on gusts show and heard it when phenomenal and he said, Marcus, he's a guy you gotta have on like. Well, you know it, brother, and here we are to day. So So, before we get started, man, what does the word authenticity mean to Dennis Mallett? Raw Raw, peeling back the onion, lifting the veil, pulling back the curtains and just getting getting dirty, getting raw, Bro you know, you know, no bones and just getting down, getting getting raw. Authenticity. You know, Dennis, I got a question for you, man. Let's get real, let's get raw. Why do you feel so many people don't want to be their real, raw self when it comes to being who they are to others or in society? Where do you think that that hesitacy comes from? Sure, and that's a great question to start, because it's like anything else. We all have our issues, every one of us. We don't want people outside of, say, our family, outside of our confidence, outside of our inner circle, to know our weaknesses. You only want to come from a posistion of strength. We don't want to make ourselves vulnerable to the world around us, because, I mean you, you know and I read your book, Bro and I love it and I hope we get into that too. You wake up and you decide what kind of day you're gonna have. You decide, you decide. You can be a victim, you can be a victor and you can quote me in your next book to now. You can, you can use in any way you want. So it's a matter am I gonna come out and am I going to go to the gym? I I wake up, got my routine, Bang, I go to the gym. Am I going to share with the boys at the gym? Okay, tes toss your own flowing manliness, flowing. Said, Hey, you know, I'm kind of lonely. I'm a little depressed. No, no, no, no, you're you're you're on the field. You're on the field, you're doing your think. You're gonna tell the opponent, you're gonna tell the guy next to you. Hey, man, you know, I gotta fight with with with the wife, significant other. I'm really feeling like half a man. No, you gonna YOU'RE...

...gonna guard yourself. You're going to create a persona good, bad or in different okay. So it's tough for people to get role and authentic. You know, I've had some stuff recently where people that I felt were in my inner circle and you know kind of you know. I'm not going to quote from your book directly, but these people, I think from a position of my heart first, which is good and which is which is bad. So if I'm thinking for my heart first and I want to get to you a position, you know, a role or a directorship with stuff that I've got going on, I want to bring you in and automatically assume that we're on the same page. I automatically assume that being in my inner circle that means something special to you, as it does to me. Unfortunately, it really doesn't, and you know firsthand. You learn who's who what and what's what real fast. But I'm at a point I got a few years on you. I know we don't look at but but I'm able. I'm able to move on real quick because if you're not attacking my kids, my family, going after my money, it's just noise. It's just noise. So in the in the rules that I take, I know you kind of look looked into my stuff trying my manager put a quote out there. I like the broken characters I like the RAW, authentic, broken characters because, let's face it, it's really easy to play the Lily White Sheriff. It's easy. It's easy to play that dude right, but how about the broken down Uh Desperado? How about the broken down dude? How about the dude that has all the issues? Look at Christian Bail Americans, oh my gosh. So stuff like that. You know, I've got a very small inner circle. I mean I can count maybe two fingers on one hand. Okay, but I can be raw with them. They can be raw me and when I get wrong with them and authentic. I'm looking for feedback. Did I grew up by making this decision? Hey, I'm thinking about making this decision. What are your thoughts? And you know, a good mentor a good listener, a good friend, will listen first. You know. Okay, Marcus, well, you know. What do you think? You what? What are you looking to the side? And then after we grow and we talked about it through. So I think, especially from today's Society, man, even look my father, Dennis senior past, but he was, he was of a generation. I saw him cry once, you know. So it's it's it's interesting and I'm sure he never saw his father cry. So different generations. Now I'm an actor. I get paid to go across the board emotionally and I can't emote. I did something reas. I've done two projects this year for the for veterans, and one recently was faced a PTSD and I'm I'm portraying the executive producer because it's his story. And Marcus, halfway through the shoot, he goes. He goes, Daan, he goes, you're too much of a Badass. You just, you know, take it down. I go, well, what are you looking for? He goes. By this time during the interview I was a mess. I go what do you mean, starting stammering. I was all over the place. Mike, all right, can you give me a minute? And he looked at me and I went there, man, I went there and afterwards he gave me a hug. He's like, Oh, I didn't know you can do it. A lot of people can't, a lot of actors can't. Okay, I learned early on in my career that I'm a method actor. I learned that I started off doing of my cement. I didn't Lenny. Okay, tough, tough role especially your first gig. I was on stage. So I was contracted for ten shows. Three into it I'm like, I...

...can't do this, this is mentally draining. I'm physically, emotionally, mentally just depressed. So I talked to my mentor and I'm like what what is going on? He goes, obviously you're a method actor. I go, Jim, I don't give a rats whatever that means. Man, this sucks. I quit. I finished my obligation, of course, and then two weeks later I had an audition for jona airlines commercial. It's two blocks away from my office, my office in Manhattan. I went in and I nailed it and and I crushed it and I got booked for it. So think about it, going from stage and now I'm doing a commercial. I'm off book. I got the I got the script memorized. Director goes cut back to one. Now this is the second thing I've ever done. Marcus looked a a and I go what does that mean? He Goes, Oh, we're gonna do it again. We're gonna do it again. Yeah, WE'RE gonna GET WE'RE gonna get ten, ten scenes from this angle, ten from this angle and probably five from this angle. So if I screw up, Marcus, I've got twenty five attempts to do it right. Okay, you're on stage, my friend. You screw up, you're done. You're done. So stage and and no offense to anybody else out there. Stages, real acting stages work. Okay, what I do? I have so much fun when I do because I can emote, I can go there, I can be whatever you need me to be, but I get a chance of doing it again. Okay, Gus, Gus says, hike, the plays in in in motion. You missed this block, you missed this tackle. I'm done. You're done. Bro Right, gus is flat on his back. That guy scores. Blah, blah, blah, Blah Blah. You know that better than I here. Imagine. You know the coach can go cut back to one. Let's do it again. Gonna be awesome. I mean the game will go on forever. You get my point, and that's a great parallel. So I think in today's Day and age, I think in today's environment, Um, it's it's it's really tough. You know, we have to be strong for our families, for our children, but we also have society and I'm not gonna get political with you that that's not my Gig. I don't. I don't talk sex, politics, religion. It's just tough because you don't know left, right, center, what do you stand on? So I have a good social media presence and so do you, man. You've got a great social media presence. But here's the thing. We're not going to let them into our inner circle. You don't need to know that I get four or five six hours sleep. You don't need to know that I wake up my back is killing me. I don't need to get in all that to you because I'm gonna Portray, I'm going to create a certain persona. Now I'm an actor and I love what I do, so I'm to show you that side of it. Um, you know, I think it's just it's just really interesting. You know, the the whole environment that we live in. Um, you know, there was a simpler time. Everybody says there were. Was a simpler time when we were in primary school, in high school and we're worried about playing ball and chasing the skirt or doing whatever we need to do. But now I just if I find it interesting. My Son's twenty three and my daughter seventeen and their mentality and their thoughts are so much more mature that my mind were at that age, never mind at this age. But you sit down at them, you have a conversation, they're just so, you know, a lot more mature because they've been exposed to a lot more than I was at that age. Right, I never really had school shootings at that age. Yever. Right, I never worried about child you know, suicide and stuff like that... that age. I was worried about the next party I'm going to. I'm worried about not pissing dad off so I can get the car and go out with the boys. That concerns right. I mean so I don't know, man, that that's a roundabout way. It's too saying. You know, even you know I never served our country, but I'm glad I'm able to do these veteran commercials and give back. You know, we all have different ways to get back and when I sit with veterans and I talked to them and I understand what they're doing. My grandfather served, my my my uncle served, my grandfather served, my father served. You know, they never spoke about what they saw. Yeah, generation generational they just keep it inside and yeah, it's just it's interesting. It's interesting. You know. Then let's let's get real for a second. You talked a lot about, you know, all you've been doing way and work of acting, working on stage. You know, talk to people about how you got into Hollywood. You were working in tech and then you got into Hollywood. Now you're directing, you're acting. How did you go from a corporate executive a actor and a film director? Well, just like you, stayed in your book, which is one of the best threats I've had. You know, in a in a while, you're gonna build your dream after nine to five. Okay, you need a nine to five to do your thing and pay your bills. Okay, I'm divorced, okay, but you need to do what you gotta do. I was I was giving blood today and I'm talking to one of the phlebotomists and she goes, you're an actor, I know you, you look familiar. I'm like, all right, well, thank you, I appreciate that. She goes, how do I get into acting? I go okay, I go how many hours do you work a week? Oh, I'm here sixty, seventy hours a week. All right, what are you doing on the weekends? Oh, I'm sleeping on the weekends. All right. Well, I go, what, what kind of time are you going to allocate and discipline yourself to pursue your dream? And she looked at me and just kind of what a great question. I go look find me on social media. I hope your long as best I could. So I'm in Manhattan. I was employee number three for this startup. Six Plus months into a give or take, I became the chief executive. Okay, now, I was a lot younger than when I am now. I was the gray hair of the firm. I promise you. The day of the notice went out that I got promoted, you can hear a pin drop in my office. J prior it was a buzz. People are coming and going, or open door policy, joke and high fine, just team, team, team. The day that was announced, nobody came by my office. I'm like, you know, they don't like my tie. Do I smell what's going on? Their mentality changed on me. My mentality different. Changed. Now I've got more responsibility. The entire ship is on my back. All right, let's keep pushing, but their mentality changed. I put systems in place and it had great people. We had a great director of I t the founder was a great visionary, a great technologist. I had great salespeople. It allowed me to free up a lot of time. Now, just like you, I'm into different streams of revenue. Okay, that's when I I've known that probably since I was born. I was born with an entrepreneurial bone. My Mother's The entrepreneur in a family. I tell you all this because during that time I'm also a Freemason, Kay, part of a big fraternal organization. A brother, a good friend of mine, James Demonic, that's his last name. Demonic, used to teach, yeah, I used to teach it the American Academy Dramatic Arts and Sciences. We would get together every Friday for a cigar and an adult beverage and I'd walk in with a three piece suit on, coming from the office, and he'd make a big deal. Oh my God, look at this kid, he came from Centri...

Kasic. We'll look good. Look a guy like keep just keep it cool, you know. And after brow beating me at least six weeks, eight weeks, I'm like, Tim all right, what do I need to do I go? Do you think I can make money in this? He goes, yeah, man, you look at you whatever, stop to BS. He goes. You gotta get a head shot. What's the head shot? It's a picture. WHO DO I call? Bam throws me a card. Make the phone call. Oh Yeah, Jim said, you should be calm. Got A head shot, Don Jim. What do I do now? You need to learn how to read top what the hecks copy commercials. WHO DO I call? Bam? Oh Yeah, Jim said, you call him. Okay, this guy set me up. Learn how to read copy. Now, when I booked that Shina Airlines commercial, it was I walked in and I'm I'm six one. I'm not six six good looking. I'm a short let's I'm a shorty. Okay. I walked in and the guys I was with for I foot nothing. follically impaired. Okay, no offense to anybody. I'm getting there myself folically impaired, and the cast and director, Pat Sweeney, real sweetheart. We sit down and take my space and she goes talk to me. Guys. You guys run a technology company. You just helped the company relocate to the stage from China. Marcus. I did that six months prior. Wow, six months prior. Now I'm thinking Candy Camera. I'm thinking who's gonna come out and say Surpris, what the Hell is going on? So you remember those day runner organizers? There's Big Bible organizers. I had one of them. So I opened up my organizer and I had this big gold pattern. I'm a time. So I'm talking like this and I'm gonna Blah Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Blah Blah Blah. I nailed it. I walked out of the office. I was as tall as you. I was floating out of the office. I knew I nailed it. I felt good. So I get back to my office and I'm just back into the ground. Two days later I get a call. Hello, Mr Mallen, that's my father. I'm Dennis. Hello, Mr Mallen. Yeah, we like to book you for this commercial. We need you on set Tuesday through Friday next week. We're gonna pay you X. WHO's your agent? Agent? Uh Yeah, can I call you back? Sure, Jim, Jim. WHO's my agent? Jim, I have somebody call you right away. Can't give you specifics. I got a call from a guy in a big, big agency and I say they're offering me actually goes, oh, don't worry, son, I'm gonna get you double that, yes, sir, and I'm off to the races. Marcus, I've been rolling from project the project, the project, and I'm having fun and I got a board here, I got my vision boards. I'm I'm all about that stuff. I've got my goals, my affirmations. I ree daily and I'm telling you, I'm crushing this year. Something film my lap a week and a half ago. I'm producing right now a huge commercial for an international hotel chain. I'm I'm having my time. I go to a local wine bar, I go where I'm celebrated, not tolerated. Okay, right, okay, you get it. And I'm joining a glass red and I get a call at nine thirty at night. I'm thinking, God, forbidden, it's after our hello, Hey, Dan, it's all right, you know what's up. Hey, I need your help. I need this, this, this, that, that, that, and he needs to know by tomorrow. I'm like, what's this for? For this big chain? How much x? All Right, okay, let me call you back. I'm out right now. Cash out, go home on my way home. This is where your circle of influenced, this where your spear, this is where you surround yourself with like minded professionals. I'm made three... calls. I needed a cinematographer, a sound guy and a gaffer. I got the guys between nine fifteen and nine. Wait time. I got home. I get home. I called the guy at ten PM. I go. I got my crew. Here's what? Yeah, man, I got my crew. Okay, who are they? Don't worry about it. You're I'm here to produce. I'm your guy. It's my crew. I got it covered all right. Well, can we have a call tomorrow morning? Yeah, eight o'clock. Well, can we do it more like ten? Eight o'clock? Yeah, eight o'clock. It is. Boom, it fell on my lap, baptized by fire. You throw me the ball, right, we got we're in a two minute warning. We're tied. It's the Super Bowl. I'm going along. You've thrown me the ball. I catch an store. Game over, we walk away. Doesn't happen that often, but you need to be able to bounds, you need to be able to handle it and you need to be able to make it happen. And I'm so proud that I was able to make it happen and I'm just so happy to have such great people around me now. I've always said one job like that part lays into another job. Now I've been hurt with with various things. If you look at my IMDB, I think I've got thirty five projects in pre production. Marcus, if half of that stuff comes to fruition, we're blessed. Here's the thing. Like any other business, is a lot of this. You know what I mean by this? Talk, I talk, I'll talk, talk, I talk, talk, talk, talk. My mentality is yeah, man, I'll do your movie. I'll do your movie. Sure, send me a contract, send me a script, I'll get back to your my manager get back to you. Yeah, you need me next year? What? March? Yeah, man, I'm your guy and it goes up on IMDB. I've got so much stuff that's done, that's not even out yet. So it is what it is. Now I'm not saying that nothing's gonna get done, but I think you you got my point. You know, Um, it's it's Hollywood. You know, I always say it's show business, not show friends. If you can manage it like a business. Now I know a lot of people. I have a lot of acquaintances. I know have a lot of best friends, which is okay, okay, and you understand that. So you know, that's how I go about it. And I gotta Tell You I've been you know, my first feature film, my first Sag was devil's advocate, Kianna Reeves, auto classic movie. Um Taylor Hackford, big Burley Viking Guy Director. I get picked out of the crowd as an extra. Now I'm sitting in the New York City courtroom scene. It's me. I got kianna reeves in front of me, put up behind me, Craig t Nelson next to me, Nelson from coach love it. Okay. I'm surrounded by a list royalty. So you always have to have an intention being an extra, being an actor. So it's the biggest courtroom scene of the century. It's whatever. So I've got to be interesting, I've got to show that I'm interested. The two acts are sitting next to me. Taylor Hackwood goes cut you and you out and I think he's talking to me. He goes no, no, you're fine and I was like, okay, well, this is good. I look over my shoulder instinctually, Pucina goes doors on your fine. Thank you sir. It's the Voice of God saying, Ah, you're fine. Thank you, sir. And at Kiata Reeves and I'm like this is surreal. And then the movie went on. And I gotta Tell You, man, I just I've really been blast with great experience is and some great...

...people. And you know, there's, there's you've got the growing pains, you got the hiccups along the way and you know, things just things just happened and things just role, you know. And so no, Dennis, there's so much great information that has in this episode. And my final question for you for the arts when we wrap up, because I just have so much and I cant wait to your mouth. And the tip is, what's one thing or one real big action step that you got from reading the success cycle, which is my book that you read? What would you say is one thing that you picked up in your illustrious career that can help you, that might be able to help others that are listening to this amazing episode? As disciplined as I am, more discipline, okay, to wake up earlier, to consistently steadily read my goals, to block out the negativity that comes in on a minute by minute, daily basis. Okay, to not listen to the person that is getting referred to me by my brother, by a friend, by a mentor that has nothing good to say. To shut off. My biggest thing is to manage this, okay, and to not allow certain voices in my head. M I love that. Does that make sense? It makes perfect sense. That's on. I can't remember said it. No, but I can say this though. It is, gentlemen, the authentic tip from this amazing interview. You're only going to be as strong as your inner circle. That's what it comes down to. It's not who you know, it's who knows you and will vouch for you. Why stuke Dennis said his good friend, Hey, make a call this person, call this person, call this person. Bam, he gets that job. Maam. Now is this crushing Hollywood because he knew somebody that vouch for him. To do what get him along the way? It to create your network of empowerment. You can only go as far as the people around you can help you go, but you have to be willing to do exactly what Dennis said. Ladies and gentlemen, be an active listener. Listen to understand, don't listen to respond. Again, Dennis, amazing interview, phenomenal information, great man, great story and again also love from lace. And Gentlemen, you can pivot and transition in your life if you're not afraid to take the leap and take the jump. Dennis did it. You can do it. Lean on your network. You'll have great success. Dennis, thank you for joining us, my friend, this this was special episode number three to get alt it with Marcus show with Dennis Mallen. I'm your host, Marcus Ogden. Have a great day.

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