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Get Authentic with Marques Ogden

Episode 11 · 6 days ago

Get Authentic with Marques Ogden- David Tyree


Marques Talks with David Tyree

Yeah, hello everybody, and welcome back to the get offensive with Marcus show. I'm your host, Marcus Apton, and we look forward to have you joined us today. This is episode number six. Come in with my good friend Mr David tyree. AK The helmet cash in super bowl with the giants who beat the Patriots. But before we get started, I want to take a few of our amazing sponsors. Century twenty one connect realty with Lee Ballet, a wonderful relocation realtor business in Atlanta, Georgia. Nationwide exteriors, a roofing contractor based in Orlando, Florida. They do work all across the United States. Deflect Tech Llc, a shoulder pad protection device that helps you to minimize shoulder injuries while playing sports. Bill keeper and Associates, a consulting business out of the Ohio area, and big l speaking with my good friend Lloyd Morrison. They do keynote speaking for sports programs. Now let's get to our interview. We welcome here Mr David tyree. David, how you doing today? It's always good to send down a chap with up with your markets? Thanks having to Jenne, absolutely my friend. Now, before we get started, Dave the first question I asked every single guest. What does the word authentic mean to Damn Dave? What does the word authentic slash authenticity mean to you? If I think it starts with being consistent with your values. You know, authenticity is, I'm living in a way where you're free but you also yet consistent with your values beliefs and how that impacts not just yourself but how that impacts and affects others. So it's just a three sense of engagement where there's never a betrayal of the things that make you who you are. So I'll shoot from it with that. I love it, man. So this is our sixth episode of the show and we've had some amazing guests. Song you know. You know my good friend Marlon Kerner. He was on the show. We've had on Lee Kemp, who was a big time in the wrestling you know, in the wrestling sport uh trial, with the Olympics. Was a great athlete that Wisconsin. We've had on my good friend Brian Head, all kinds of phenomenal individuals. I always ask everybody the same first question. After that initial first question, of course, tell our audience about your backstory. Who is David tyree. Where is he from? Education, and then where you play college football and, of course, from there, how he got to the National Football League? Yeah, I would say for me it started definitely in a North New Jersey. He stars by way of Claire. I think the unique thing was I remember as a kid just having this random thought of I wonder why there's no one famous in my family. And by the time I moved into Montclair, you know, that was where sports really began to become a little bit of a pulse in the community. That created opportunities for my future. Went to Syracuse University on the full scholarship, of course, Um, and you know, that was with the wake up call, I would say, awakened in relations to the level of competition and you know, I think that was also the first time I really had to figure out how I was going to find my success, you know, you know there was the kept and Johnson's Quentin spot would be had all Americans,...

Donovan mcnads, and I was just a dude who didn't have that great hands and and that was really what created, Um, a little bit of the great mentality understanding. I had to find a way to make an impact because I never felt like I was I was born. I always felt like that was my goal, be a part of the winning solution, and that's where special teams came in and paved the way for me to be selected in the sixth round in two thousand three as a New York giant and starting my career which ended up culminating as a super bowl champion and, uh, having one of the most historic and iconic, if not the most historic iconic play in Super Bowl history. Well, you know, David, if you're watching this on Youtube, you can see that picture to the right with you catching the ball over one of the greats in the NFL, Rodney Harrison. If you're tuning in listening audio, you will be able just to hear US talk about the photo that's behind David. So, David, before we get into what you're doing today, you talked a lot about a lot of the things. So let's get real. You talked about how you weren't the best player at Syracuse. I have a saying you don't have to be the best to do your best. So many people talk about I wish I was this, I wish I was that, I wish I was, you know, like the rock. I wish I had this perfect marriage I see on social media. That's that you don't have any idea of somebody's life is really like. Right, and I always tell people you don't need to worry about what others are doing. You need to focus on what you are doing and how you can get better and go to the next level. So, in reality, I want you to kind of talk about that. How did you develop that grit? How did you develop that mentality when you weren't the best at Syracuse? Again, full scholarship, you were out there. It's kind of like people, right, who go to a job, like you're recruited out of college. Uh, you recruited out of college to go and work at this phenomenal job. Right, you get there, but you're not the a player in the office ship. You're not the man the woman, you're not the star. Yet you have to kind of put in your marriage. You have to kind of work hard. Right. How did you develop that sense to work hard when you knew you weren't the best at Syracuse, but you knew you could be the best by just doing your best? Yeah, I think it didn't start earlier because Mont Clare was a sports rich community and although I had enough gifts, of course, to to to get a division one, a scholarship, I never was the top guy. Even on my team. I got recruited with another guy who was the state player of the year and we got recruited together. He was technically recruited far above me, even though the different positions. So even emerging through those years, I wasn't ignorant that there were people who were more talented. So I knew I had to work harder to position myself and what I never tried to do is make excuses. That was just something that, even as a young man um I would always look within and I would put the onus on myself to say if, if, if a coach determine that, you know what, tiree is not good enough at this and this and this, I said, well, clearly I'm not doing enough to overwhelm them. And even if it was true, or if if there were some things that they were missing in their evaluations, I put the onus on myself. I said why, you know, if if this guy drops the ball, I can't drop more, I can't drop any balls. So it was some of the mental gymnastics that you have to do to reposition yourself and understand that I can deliver the goods. Have to have enough self awareness and understanding that maybe someone is a little more talented. What can I do to even the playing field? And you know, for me, the big thing that I think that I had to be willing to do was understand that I was also a football player, not just a receiver, and that's how special teams came into how can I make an impact? Well, you know what, if I block a punt, they're gonna respect my impact on the game and Vanilist Guy Inside of the twenty. Respect by impact...

...on the game and maybe that will create more opportunities. I love how you said people need to respect the impact and by doing that they'll see that you belong on the field. Ladies and gentlemen, that's the type of mentality you have to have in your professional career. Make the impact so people can see that you belong on the playing field, at your corporate job, in your sports job, in your non for profit. It doesn't matter what industry you're in. Just make the impact and everything will go forward from there. Now, before we get into a little bit more about your what you're doing today right Um, they tell me a little bit about the helmet catch and what you were thinking about leading up to that. You know, how did you prepare such a big stage event? Because in life people are gonna be on the Super Bowl stage like you were right trying to catch a ball against Rodney Harrison. But people have to face that same type of big platform, whatever that might be, in their life. So hopefully people that are listening to this episode will gain knowledge from you about what you went through on your big stage to help them succeed, right, David, on their big stage. Yeah, I have this saying that I've kind of you know, I've married a lot of p words, and I said pursuing purpose with passion and perseverance will lead to promise or providence. And the reason why it makes sense is because I can't determine what someone else's purposes right, but I think that they can that we evolved. When we grow we understand we want to, you know, direct our time, energy and resources towards things that actually have purpose. So when you do it with passion, it means you're willing to suffer for it means it matters more and you and you're willing to endure that you're gonna actually receive the reward that lies down the head. So, in relation to my playing experience in the National Football League, I remember having a conversation in college and I remember telling this reporter after nailing a nailing a kicker, which was one of the dumbest things that you could do on football, hit the kicker and you know, I remember saying him, I want to be remembered, and for me that was a seed about how my thought process was as a player. I wanted to do something rememorable, I wanted to leave an imprint. Fast forward to two thousand and eight and we're going against undefeated patriots team and my whole process as a player was making impact. So I believe that I can make an impact Um this team. The team was well positioned and for me, I was always about doing my job and being prepared to do exceedingly, exceedingly beyond that, and that's that's what the stars aligning for on February thirty thousand and eight and I was recipient of God's amazing grace. Maybe you know what I love how you said you were just prepped and ready and let's get real. Ways and gentlemen, if you're going to be successful in life. You don't know when that opportunity or when that chance is coming. You really don't. All you can do is be best prepared so when it does come you can execute and knock it out of the part, and that's what David did February eight. That's what you should be doing today and into the future for what you want to do with your journey, with your life, with your expectations. Okay, now, David, tell everybody about your transition from the NFL to life after and what are you up to today in your professional career after having a great NFL career? Yeah, thanks for as I think the transition leaving in the League about was smooth as it could be because I had a foundation in the areas that were most meaningful,...

...had a strong marriage at a good base of healthy relationships that anchored some of the uncertainty which was more professional. You know, how am I gonna you know. And after about two years working in the in the finance industry, Um pivoted into player development, where I spent the last eight years, from about to six in the front office with the New York giants. Is the head of player engagement and that's really just about, you know, human development and human performance, leadership development. How you know the conversations are primarily around Um, your performance, your expectations, uh, your your development as an individual and holistically right, so that even a total wellness umbrella. And you know, just recently, in that full swing pivot as a grown man, in the Full Pledge Entrepreneur, we opened a single unit franchise with clean juice. We launched DT three enterprise which holds uh catch the moment podcast and Uh an executive coaching and speaking business. So, you know, just been busy for pursuing and and always doing what I've done, which is served people. David, one of the most critical aspects again, let's get Real, ladies and gentlemen, is time management. Right, managing your time, you talk about you have this going on with the you know, with speaking, you've got this going on. You know with your new podcast. You've got this going on with clean juice. Right, all these amazing things. How does David tyree manage his schedule? Because a lot of people listening might want to create multiple treams of income like you're going, like I have done, but they might be limited when it comes to resources. Financially or things in that regard. So how do you manage your time? Because I feel people can start managing their time more efficiently and effectively, great things will happen. I think that for me, and I'll be honest with these, last two years have been an absolute whirlwind. You know, drinking from the waterholes, launching a business in Covid so all those these things sound really good. Um, they're they're ultimately really stressful and you know, the layers of being a business owner are are with you still need operations, sales, right and and book in the county. So ultimately all of those are separate entities in themselves and what really anchors my myself is the fact that I prioritize the most meaningful relationships and although I have an obligation to serve my family, put bread on the table, the practical things that every person is out there going to work for, is I prioritize and I and I give my time and energy to the most meaningful relationships because they stabilize me. So time management goes from the priority to my relationship with God, my relationship with my wife and family. Seven children we actually hold were home school and I think you know, even with some of my limited resources, is what I try to do is remain in the position of giving and serving and draw the necessary deposits on the right relationships to just kind of keep the I wanted to keep the you know this. This ship is moving along well, but I also realized that I can't do everything. So, you know, there's you know, I recognize my limitations and and I'm and I think I try to set practical, pragmatic expectations for goals and even within those business structures of versions. Lands and gentleman, again let's get real. Two great things that David said. You said a lot of great things, by the way, two really great things. One, prioritize your relationships. Be Sure to put your energy, your primary effort and focus where those relationships that are your top priorities are needed. Second, delegate task to trusted team members. Now, if you're somebody that does not have... resources to hire people, what you do have, if you're an entrepreneur, is a budding, innovative business idea. and Go back to times of Black Gangess Khan, or even go back and farest Hannibal, back and cause this before BC. How did they do business? They bartered, they traded. They said you've got this, I want that, let's exchange. That's what you have to do. If you don't have financial resources, learn how to barter, but to delegate. There's four key aspects of any successful business, David mission three of them marketing, operating, marketing, sales operations, finance. Again, marketing, sales, operations, finance. If you are struggling or having some gaps in certain areas of your business, barter and trade, David said, you have to delegate tasks to the right team members. Now they let's talk a little bit more about some of your principles, values, characteristics. Right, you're a man of God, family man, great athletes, business owner. If people are struggling right now, which a lot of people are because of covid and relationships and all types of stuff, right, what would you say are three fundamental values, foundational building blocks they need to utilize or put into their lives to start building a vertical where they can live a happy, fulfilled life? Well, it's amazing that you ask. I live by these three virtues and principles and it's really what anchors my company, the three T S and Dt three is truth and of course. You know, there's there's there's the truth that we have to buy. I think we can, we can, we can, we can kind of merge our values within that. That is the anchoring system by which you're gonna find some solidarity and consistency in your life, by not living delusion or the next team is transparency. Allow yourself to be seen and to see others. Right, it's the it's it's what makes us huge, that measure of connection. And I think the last part is transfer. The last team is transformation and it's a commitment to growth. Right, it's it's the it's the growth mindset that permits us to displace, that allows our brain to be pliable, and that's that's actually the sign that we're living, right like growth is the sign that we're living, that we're alive, that we're growing, that we're advancing and evolving, all those things. So truth, transparent, trans transparency and transformation is what dt three is all about. I think that we could all benefit from a variation of those, those principles and practice. You know why? Again, I'M gonna BE AUTHENTIC, I'm gonna be real. transparency. One of the things I talk about is vulnerability, and I say bone. Ability is the innate ability to be vulnerable and be excuse me, vulnerability, excuse me, is the innate ability to be transparent with people, no matter how they might look at you or judge you. Again, vulnerability is the innate ability to be transparent with people, no matter how they might look at you and or judge you. People are always going to form their opinions, but the end of the day, you have to be transparent, you have to be vulnerable and authentic, and I say authentic is the innate ability to be real, raw and honest with people, no matter how they might look at you and or judge you, which is exactly what our show is about. Now they tell us a little bit more about your speaking what you speak on, you know, topics, types of clients and, of course, mentioned some of your signature keynotes that people can, you know, buy only from... to help really inspire and enlighten their audiences. Oh, absolutely, I mean there's there's a there's a wide array of of, I would say, of clients that we have the opportunity to work with, everything from insurance companies, colleges Um to just traditional businesses in general and coaching people along the way through the journey. One of my my my key signature uh speeches catch the moment and it's really about positioning yourself for a climactic moment right, all the work that leads up to that and how to steward it just as much as attain it. So you know my my journey up to the moment with the Super Bowl. But everybody is pursuing a moment of success, achievement and meaning, and so we want to allow companies cultures to embrace that. Um. Championship culture is where, you know, it's a human performance Um, because I really focus on a square four elements of championship culture. Talk about honor, humility, path actually in perseverance, and that's age two, P two, which is, you know, I kind of play off the element in the periodic table, and those ages are really human performance and it's really just stripping down why these are so essential to to to to adopt within individual with within a culture, to be able to thrive one with another, so horizontically and vertically in our relationships at work. So there's just a couple but ultimately those are some curated talks that we're happy to share with any particular team company, more virus just to add value. And there's obviously so much more that. I think myself uniquely in my journey as a as a as a father, husband of seven. That speaks to some different give me a father of father of seven, husband of one beautiful wife. There we go and UH yeah, so there's just a lot of different dynamics along the leadership journey that has been really um inspiring and we'd really look forward to sharing in the future. Outstanding David, as we had to wrap up this amazing interview. How can people get in touch with you if they like to hire you for a keynote, if they like to fire about your coaching by about your clean juice, your other different entrepreneurial ventures? How people get in touch with you to be able to make that connection for their organizations? Yeah, the best way is right through the website. You know, we have a speaker page, contact page, David tyree eighty five dot com. We are, I am active on Linkedin, active on Instagram, uh, twitter, at tyree nation, at D tyree eight five on instagram and uh but yeah, my, my, my, my life platform is continue to grow, developed in the service of every individual that have the opportunity to grace and impact. So exciting times ahead. David Tyree, eighty five dot com, best way to hit me up. Fantastic audience. The authentic tip I'm gonna leave you with, like David said, be prepared for that moment or, better yet, be prepared to seize the moment when it comes. It goes back to one of EMINEM songs. You'RE gonna get one chance, you're gonna get one opportunity. What are you gonna do with it? Now, I believe you get more than that, but let's just say you only get one. Are you ready for it? Are You prepped for it? Are you prepared for it? Are you ready to make the catch like David made on the football field? Are gonna take advantage of any and all opportunities that come your way? This is what it's all about. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. You have to be ready to seize the moment like David sees the catch. You put that into your everyday life. Everything you want to be achieved, all your objectives can become reality, but you have to make the first step. You have to have faith, you have to have belief, you have to see...

...your objective and your journey to the end and beyond, like David did, like I am doing. Thanks for tuning in to the gulptive with Marcus show. Have a great day.

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