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Get Authentic with Marques Ogden

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Get Authentic with Marques Ogden


Marques Ogden Bio

Marques Ogden is a former NFL player who is now the founder and CEO of Ogden Ventures LLC, an inspirational keynote speaker, three-time best-selling author (Sleepless Nights; The Success Cycle), business coach and consultant and the podcast host of Get Authentic w/ Marques Ogden; although his journey didn’t come easy or without unrelenting adversity.

After retiring from football, Marques pursued a career in construction and contracting. At 27, he founded a construction company with fast growth but eventually went bankrupt, losing almost two million dollars on one project in 90 days. He pulled himself together during his darkest hours and got a part-time job as a custodian.

Marques rose to the top again with hard work and determination, using his struggles as inspiration to blaze his own trail forward. Now, he shares his powerful story to help others learn how to fail forward and achieve success in their lives. Marques’ story and insights as a thought leader have been featured in top publications such as Authority Magazine, Forbes and Cheddar News. As a speaker, he’s landed jobs with Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Intel. As a podcast co-host, he’s interviewed iconic guests such as Michael Strahan, Joe Namath and Willie Parker Jr.

Marques hopes to continue reaching new levels in his professional career and positively impacting as many people’s lives as possible.

It, blowyboddy, welcome to the get authentic with Marcus show. I'm your host, Marcus Oggen. I am a current National International Keyno Speaker, secutive coach, best selling author, consultant, podcast host and I'm also a former NFL athlete. We're going to talk about in this podcast the real authentic stories behind real authentic people. Before we get into the content about the show and who we're going to be interviewing, types of people, all that kind of great stuff, let's talk about that main word, authentic, authenticity. To me, authenticity means the innate ability to be real, honest and open with people, no matter how they might look at you and or judge you. Now, let's be real or authentic. In the real world, people sometimes are afraid to talk about who they are, their failures, their struggles, their adversities. Now, why do you think that is? To me, I think society put so much pressure on people to always be the best, look the best, have the flashiest car, had the biggest house, had the private jets, all those things that I call external motivating factors. It's so important in life to focus on who you really are as a person. Who is the real youth. Who is the real, authentic person behind the mask? That's what really has to shine through and in this podcast we're going to really be delving into that. We're going to be talking to people who are retired athletes, current athletes, people that work in corporate, non for profit, all types of corporate technology, real estate realtors, mortgage people. The only main thing behind all of our guests is that are they are amazing people with amazing stories. Again, the main thing behind all of our guests is they are amazing people with amazing stories. Now, since you may or...

...may not know me, let me tell you my story, okay, my authentic, real story, because if you're going to listen to this podcast now into the future, I think it's very important that you know who I am, where I'm from, and there's a part of my life where I wasn't living authentic I wasn't living a real what I call character issue life, character issue life and things like honesty, trust, loyalty, dependability. There was a time in my life while I was living by what we call the personality traits, things like rage, Rad deceived jealousy, because I was so focused on what I call external motivating factors, money, fame, notoriety, and because I chased that what we call unauthentic life, I ended up crashing and burning and losing everything I owned in two thousand and thirteen. Let's back up so again. My name is Marcus often. I'm from Washington DC. I went to St John's College High School, which is the same Houspool that Kevin Play, who owns under armor, went to. I got one scholarship offer to play foot football at the Howard University. Now, my brother, Jovan Ogden, who was a first ballot NFL Hall of Famer. He had every division one a school offer him a full scholarship to go and play football. Me, I took my offer, went to Howard University, the same school that my father went to and play football at, and had a really successful career playing football for the Bison. I was very fortunate to get drafted to the national football league by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jack del Rio was my rookie head coach. Now, he took about authenticity, took up this being real. Jack del Rio told our entire rookie class in two thousand and three he said, gentleman, if you want to be successful in life, you have to be your own cee, of your own cheap executive officer, and I remember asking Coach del Rio, Hey, coach, what do you mean by that? He said, Marcus, you work for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Absolutely, we have your money, we pay your check. You work for us. That's no doubt about that. Right. But here's the thing. I can tell you what time to be here for breakfast, what's time to the...

...lead facility when practice is over, but I can't tell you what time to get here early to work on your craft. I can't tell you what time to stay until after practice work on your craft. I can't do that. Only you can. I can't tell you go on to the Jacksonville Jaguar community and build a real authentic relationship with the Jacksonville Jaguar fan base to help improve more people coming to the Games. I can't tell you to do that. But when you're your own CEO and you're living a life that's best for you, you can do that. You can be authentic, you can call your own shocks, you can be your own CEO in life and when you do that, you put yourself in the best position to succeed. Without a doubt that was the best advice that I ever got. Play in the National Football League. I played for almost six years. I got out and again, let's be real, I struggle immensely for six months with alcoholism, painkiller addiction, Nifelife, gambling, anything and everything that I really was in a really horrible position in my life. After about six months, I put the bottle down and I built caden premier enterprises. We became the largest African American subcontractor in the city of Baltimore and the State of Maryland. For Two years we were crushing it. We were killing it. But again, the show is called. Get authentic with Marcus. Some going be real, like I always am with everybody I tell my story to. As the company grew, so did my ego, so did my bravado. I became so focused on again, money, fame, notoriety, my ego, which I have an acronym for Ego, exaggerated, glorified opinions. I constantly exaggerated how good I was at construction. Aka, I was lying to people and lying to myself. That's not authentic. Glorified I was always chasing the glory. What at my name in the paper all about me, me, me, not my team, not my partner, me. That's not authentic. You shouldn't live your life like that. And then opinions. I constantly was always wanting to have the last word. Marcus, we should try this, this and this.

Oh, that sounds good, but how about we try it this way, this is in this. That's how I lived my life. Now I'm here to tell you right now, authitic and real, I was in a really negative place. I had money, I had all the things that didn't matter. And soon enough, as I realize how bad I was living my life, boom it crashed and bird. In Two Thousand and twelve, my ego got so big that my best employees left the organization. From there I ended up going into a job with a client and I spent about two point five two three million dollars over budget. And I did that. And when it tame time to get paid back that change order money that I thought was going to be extra and get paid back to me, the developer and the contractor denied my change order. The banks shut me off and I lost everything. My home for closed on, both cars repossessed in the same day, not same month, not same week, same day I ended up moving to Roleigh, North Carolina. I had four hundred dollars left to my name when I got that here to Raleigh. was working a job for Merrill Lynch and again, let's be real, I was fired after two months because everything I was doing was wrong. I was all about trying to go out and make sales, all about trying to make more money. I didn't do a good job of getting educated, learning how to build myself in the business. I was fired, all my fault, which a construction company. The next day, fire from that job. Five days later, the only job I could get was a custodian working for eight dollars in twenty five cents an hour on the grave yard ship from ten PM till five Am. I was working to support my family. And again, let's be real, at this time I still blamed everybody else for my failures, my employees, my partner, the client, the bank. And See, Ladies and gentlemen, that is the whole purpose of our show. Everyone that is successful, I believe, has gone through a trial, a tribulation, something to make them who they are today. And so many podcasts, I feel all about the six sets of people.

What they've accomplished, and again, that's great. You should highlight that absolutely. But what makes our show different, what is the unique selling proposition for our show, is we're all about the authentic, real stories behind the people we are interviewing. And again we're going to interview some phenomenal people again, athletes, business owners, executives, you named it all across the board. But every person that we interview, we want the real, authentic story behind all they had to go through to get where they are today. There's a saying that I live by. Do the things you hate to get the things you want. Again, do the things you hate to get the things you want, and again we're going to share these stories. Now back to my story. I was working for a hundred twenty five an hour, still blaming everybody under the sun except myself. And what happened was I had my rock bottom moment of clarity when somebody's rotten trash, spoil, nasty milk and me got all my body, my skin and my clothes. That was my wake up call. I went home and I said, hum, what am I good at? And again, let's be real. If you're listening to this episode, Our intro episode, right now, if you are struggling, if you're having a hard time, if things are difficult. And again, we are in a time right now, two thousand and twenty two June, that things aren't the best. The economy is tough, increase in gas, increase in food, increase in expenses. The pay is not coming out on the same side as the expenses. Yes, I understand, yes, I get it, but if you're struggling right now, take a moment, stop and write down the three biggest strengths you possess. And again, let's be real. Society teaches us to think about what we don't do well first, then come around to what we do do well. I think the opposite. I'm like, Hey, I tell my clients all the time, what do you do well? What are your three biggest strings, three biggest assets? Write those down and then build from there the future you want, or well I call it, create your breakthrough result and create your breakthrough story. That's...

...what I did. I said I'm good at speaking, I'm good at communication and I want to help people, and that was my breakthrough result, which I said, let's go hand be a keynote speaker. But again, we're going to be real. The reason I wanted to be a speaker at that time was to make money. Going back to what external nating factors money, fame, notoriety. I was all about speaking for all the wrong reasons. Finally, in April two thousand and sixteen, we got our first page job and I think got coached. I learned how to be offented. The law of authenticity states the best gift that we have to give is ourselves. Again one more time, the law of authenticity states the best gift that we have to give is ourselves. And then I start to live my life by the law of value, which states your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value that you take in payment. And again, that is what the let's get authentic with mark to show is all about. Get authentic with Marcus is all about giving you the listeners that value, that information, those steps you can take in your life, equipping you with tools in your tool box to do what go and create the life you want. So actter getting coached and getting mentor and Learning how to be authentic, learning how to give value. Our brand in the last six years has spoken for thirty eight fortune pronchip brands as a speaker. Thirty eight. We are so blessed to have great clients, a great team, great processes, great systems, and that's exactly why we are launching this podcast. This podcast is designed for anyone that wants to hear real, authentic stories of real, authentic people, to take information, to take knowledge and do what a sin in your life. Now again, let's be a little bit more specifical type of guests we're going to have. We're going to have retired NFL athletes, been very fortunate to grow a really great database of NFL Brotherhood. We're going to have retired in...

BEA adlets on the show, retired MLB, retired NHL, current NFL athletes and NBA and NHL MLB. We're also going to have as guests great executives that work in fortune, five hundred, one hundred and maybe even twenty five companies on our show. We're going to have business owners, entrepreneurs who are successful on our show. We're going to have to go from all different types of industries again, real estate, mortgagees, technology, authors, Speakers, consultants, you know, restaurant owners, you name it, we're going to have it because, again, Lais and gentlemen, we believe that diversity, Equy and inclusion is the key to success in life and we want people from diverse backgrounds experiences all coming together to do what help educate, help equip our audience to do what succeed in their life. Now, as our first upcoming guests for episode number one, it's going to be my great friend, NFL fifteen year better and quarterback, Guss far but the Tulsa University, he was drafted to The Washington rescues, AKA The Washington commanders. Now in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, he is a great friend of mine, great client. But Gus has a real authentic story. Imagine this, Ladies and gentlemen. Imagine being drafted as a quarterback in the seventh round and in that same year the team that drafted you drafted a first round draft pick, in the top five and your position. Think about that. Gust came to the NFL with an already uphill battle. He was drafted behind their first round draft pick. He was a seventh rounder, but gust had a bursity. Excuse me, gust had he gust went through adversity. Gust put himself in the best position. Gust continue to fight the uphill battle and gust ended up becoming a starter for the Washington redskins and Gust had a fifteen year NFL career as a quarterback. Now that's an authentic story. That's somebody that I know can help educate you through his experiences. Gusts also very successful in business. Mary...

...had three beautiful children and he is just a really great guy. So episode one we're going to be interviewing my good friend and Buddy Gust farrock on our show. Ladies and gentlemen, we are just so exciting for you to follow us on our journey of this podcast get authentic with Marcus. We're just so excited to share some of the amazing people stories, their triumphs, the tribulations, what they've gone through they've overcome to get where they are today. So again, we look forward to have you joined us next week. Episode Number One, my good friend Gust Far rock will be appearing on the get authentic with Marcus show. Thanks so much for tuning in. Have a great day.

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