Get Authentic with Marques Ogden
Get Authentic with Marques Ogden

Episode 14 · 1 month ago

Get Authentic with Marques Ogden - Dr. Michael Hutchinson


Marques speaks with Dr. Michael Hutchinson of PowerPlus Mouthguard

Yeah, yeah, Glory Rody, and welcome back and get offensive the partners show. I'm your host, Marcus Auden, where we interview amazing people with amazing stories, and today is no different. Here, episode number seven, we're interviewing my great friend and one of our sponsors, Dr Michael Hutchinson, of power plus mouthguard. Again, Dr Hutchess brand is a power plus mouthguard brand designed to help protect you, but not the same time as protecting you, help you increase strength, performance and everything else during athletic play. He's one of bar he's actually was our very first sponsor and we're so delighted have him here today and talk about his authentic story. Dr Hutcheson, thanks for joining us. Hey, thanks for having me America's good to see again you as well, my friend. Great Shirt you have on there. I wear a power plus myself. It's a great product. Before we get started, Dr Hutchinson, can you tell our audience what does the Word Authentic mean to Dr Michael Hutchison? To me, it means being genuine, being true, having high integrity and that what you go about doing is to serve others and to to not having our ulterior motive. So what you what I talk about and what I try to do is always has a true purpose for it and, uh, I think that makes it authentic, as opposed to if you're trying to Um manipulate somebody to do what you want them to do. You don't necessarily believe it, but you just want to get them to do that, and I'm not about that. I'm all about the science and having a true purpose to help others and serve others. So that's what authenticity means for me and what I'm doing. Dr To say, very well said, and I have a question for you. You said high integrity. Talk about that a little bit, because to me, integrity is doing something for somebody, for their best interests and their best benefit, and not your own. How do you and power plus mouth bar continue to display high integrity in all that you do in the sports community? Well, it's it goes back to the science and of what power plus is. It's a new discovery in in UH, body physiology, and it's important that that be based on a true principle and not just trying to sell a product. So I've always been about high integrity, and I mean the highest of integrity, because I think that that's really the only way that you can be trusted is if you have high integrity and you do what you say you're going to do Um, and that when it comes to power plus Mouth Guard, it actually does what Um it's supposed to do. I think that's very important. Um, and it's the fastest way that you can fail if you don't have that high integrity. So Dr Hodges said. Can you tell it a little bit about your story, where...'re from, backtrop education, your current working in of course, how you got into power plus mouth guard and what was the mission and the mantra you started? That's a fantastic organization. Well, I think it really goes way back to even where my parents came from. They both they both grew up in southern idahole on farms, Um, and they wanted a better life. So my dad, he was actually uh he was one of those nineteen fifties uh set shooter basketball players and had a Scholarship University of Idaho, but he didn't want to go there because he wanted to go to Brigham Young University and they didn't have a scholarship for him. But he wanted to. He told me that he wanted to be a a sportscaster Um, but he found out that he really had to to be connected to do that. But it got him into uh pe and and and the physical education and a long story show, and he ended up being at a exercise physiologist, one of the first in the United States, and was very renowned and successful. But because of that he we were a high sports family. We we had tickets at IAWA state university's all their sports. We went to all the Games. And one of the things too, that I think is that at the core of this whole thing is that my dad never really hired out any anything. He always did everything himself and he always had the attitude that he could do it. If somebody else could do it, he could do it, and he really instilled that in me. So when I was was doing um treatment for t MJ patients, this whole this whole science came to be and and I was I was kind of like that. I wanted to do something for the Sports Uh community and I also felt like, well, you know, I can do it, I have the ability and the capability, and so I think I go. I give my dad and my mom credit that they taught me that there isn't anything I couldn't do if I sent my mind to do it. And so when this came about, uh, I just didn't see anywhere where anybody was addressing this issue and I had an answer and so I just ran with it. So, doc, tell people, let's get real for a moment. You found a problem and you came up with a solution, right. Can you explain that a little bit deeper for our Artians like you know, what was the problem that was kept occurring with people playing sports with the mouthcons they were wearing? What was wrong with it? And then where did you come in with that almost solution for power PLUS MOUTH GUARD? Well, initially I was treating temporal man maybe their joint syndrome, patients who have migraines, headaches, Um, and really didn't know a lot about it, but there was some concepts that were coming out and it was based on muscle function and if you put those patients in what we call a physiologic job position, all their symptoms and problems disappeared. But also these patients would report that they had more strength and had more stamina, like they could do more work and they weren't tired in the afternoon. And so my my sports background just made me think, well, if Mrs Jones gonna be stronger, she can not be tired. Uh. What would happen if I to the front line...

...of the Detroit lions and made them stronger and they end up in the Super Bowl? I really would have something. And so it just started the thought churning. And how how can I, how can I extrapolate treating, uh, this health condition over to sports? And that's you know, again, credit my father for just giving me that desire to do something in sports. And you know. And so what happened is is I started testing for strength and sure enough, Um, I had. I ended up Gett into not personally, but a patient of mine ended up for the world record bench press for the over sixty five category. He was on the USA power lifting team and he broke the world record, uh, and he didn't do anything different except for after I gave him an appliance that put him in his physiologic job position. He lifted up to he could. His maximum was three and when he used this technology he went up to four D fifty immediately. And so I knew that there was a there's a key principle that we hadn't understood at this point in time, uh, that it must be pursued. And so that's how I basically uh, started the ball rolling and and proved that this science was true. And then, of course, we can talk about more. But, um, the concussions came around just by testing strength. And so now that we're here with with you know, uh, increase of strength and reduction and concussions, all through a principle that was not understood twenty years ago. You talked how that athlete went from three to four fifty five by adding your technology, your product and which you were able to craft and customize to get to that point. Now let's be real a little bit deeper. Talk to our audience about some of your athletes that are using power plus mouthguard. I'm a big believer if people are going to get behind the product in your service, right, Dr Hutchinson, they need to know who is out there using now a couple of names that I know. I've seen Juju SMISTER, I'm sorry, Juju Smith Schuster. I saw Ronnie Staley, I've seen Nick Sorenson. I've seen some other great athletes, but can you enlighten our audience on who is using power plus mouthguard. What sports? Because I want to honest to understand this is not something you just came up with like yesterday, like you've been doing this for a while. You're gonna see a Michigan football team uses your stuff. Coach hardball has endorsed you. All these testimonies, right, Dr Hutches, are gonna really help you to a shine to our audience. Well, yeah, I guess it's been a long journey. I started two thousand and UH really, my motivation was just to see if I could prove this theory wrong, and so I started with Um again. This this person was Ralph Sovereignini. He was the police chief fire chief in in our town and he went on to Prague on the USA team. He was over sixty five years old and he lifted four hundred and fifty wive pounds. And that stood for ten years. And from that point I just networked and came up across through the St Louis Blues Hockey team. Dallas Drake, Keith K Chuck, Pablo Dmitra, they were all on that team in two thousand three and uh, fortunately I was able to go down and work with them and all of them express that they had their best seasons. Um. And then from there I was aided to the Seattle Mariners training camp by a...

...triple a coach, so I worked with them and uh then uh also in the strength category. Um. The Wayne State University has a renowned biomedical Engineering Department and so they got wind of what I was doing and wanted to study it, and so they studied it on their football team, and this was kind of exciting and UH interesting, because I also worked with their men's and women's basketball team and their women's hockey team. But they studied their football team and they ended up going to the National Division Two Championship, all the players wearing power plus mouth guard technology and they had the winning this record in the history of the school by using that technology. And interesting enough, and this is probably a monumental turn, they had no concussions either that year. So they went from the program that didn't win a lot of games to the national championship and have no concussions, which is unheard of in any level of of football. Uh, to be able to go concussion free for a season. And since then I started studying concussions, uh mainly, and that's happened many, many times. But we have, like you mentioned Daniel Sorenson. He's another I guess he's my poster child. He was an undrafted free agent, went on the practice squad in Kansas City chiefs. His wife baby sat my brother's kids and so my brother said, hey, you should wear this mouth guard and fortunately he did and he went from the practice squad to starting free safety got a four year, sixteen million dollar contract. Uh. Everybody knows Daniel Sorenson. A couple of years ago in the championship game at the Browns, he's the guy that really put him in the Super Bowl with that head to head hit at the end of the UH in the end zone and the browns player went out of the game of the concussion and he it's bumbled out of bounds, you know. And so that was a touchback and sent the chiefs into the Super Bowl. And he has not had a concussion in the NFL playing free safety. UH, and I don't even think there's a person uh in in the NFL it's played free safety that hadn't had a concussion. But Daniel's concussion free. So this gives you the the impact of what this new technology has. It really is part of the concussion and UH scheme of things. It is just long forgotten. Uh. Some other people, Josh Kelly, Michael Davis on the chargers are wearing it. Fred Warner on the forty niners. That's football. Um. Many basketball players in the NBA have been introduced to it from UH, from Janice to Dwight Howard, Chris Paul Um, Steph Curry. All these people are are have received powerful s mouth guard and are starting to use it. Uh, and there's many more people that are, you know, using this technology because it's again back to authenticity. It's a true principle. It's a true body principle. Everybody has their own physiologic job position and if they if they put their job in that position,...

...they will increase their strength by seventeen percent. You've you've done that, you've gone in the weight room, you know what I'm talking about. And Uh, you'll reduce the chance of a concussion down to point two percent. That that is just phenomenal. Uh, to be able to have college teams, high school teams, go concussion free for the whole season. This has happened with the University of Alabama, Birmingham Um high school teams all over the country. This is a true principle and this is what it's so exciting about it. You know audience, you know I love to have my saying. Let's get real. I use power plus mouthguard myself. It has helped me with lifting. It has helped me with my bit all aspects of lifting, especially my bench press. has helped me tremendously while playing basketball when I'm trying to continue to have good stamina and running a health you with control my breathing and helps me with my whole overall pace. It helps me with the overall stamina. So I can attest to the real benefits of power plus mouthguard using it myself. So again, you definitely if you're a parent, we want to help protect your child playing alto the Physical Sports, you want to help improve your strength, your performance. Power Plus mouthguard is for you. Like I said, Daniel Soreson phenomenal football player, but I just learned something new. I didn't know Dr Hudgson until today. He has not had a concussion in the NFL and that says a lot because as a presect you come downhill running as fast as you can to hit a running that coming. Yet you fast as he can and that impact can be absolutely catastropping. So I'm so glad to hear about not just the the benefits from a sports perspective but also the been from a health perspective that power plus mouthguard eyes. Now, Dr Hutches said, have another question for you. What is it? What is it that really gets you excited as an entrepreneur? I asked you that twice because what's you what we think about it like? What is it that gets you excited about being an entrepreneur as you're continuing to get power plus mouthguard out to the pump? Because you and I both know being an entrepreneur is hard, it's difficult, it's arduous and it could be a long road. But you and I have embarked on that road, and me and my speaking career, you with your successful power plus Mouth Guard. What is it that you love about being an entrepreneur? Well, I guess the main thing is that. And I go back to high school when I wrestled in high school and I love that sport because it's you and it's all you. Uh, if you fail, if you lose, it's because you lost. Nobody, nobody beat you. If you win, you won because you did what you had to do, and I somewhat like golf is like that too. It's like nobody you're not counting on anybody else, just you until, uh, you know, when you take it over to business. Yeah, there's gonna be people along the way. They're gonna help you out. But that's one thing I like, is that I I can make or break what I do, and that's important. But also the thing that really gets to be excited is when, especially with this technology, is that we're we have such a historical tradition of what a mouth guard is. It's seventy two years old, and we think that, I mean in some respects because we don't know any better. We think that it's a perfect a mouth guard is a perfect invention. It can't ever be improved and we have this mindset that mouthguards Um are as...

...good as they'll ever be. And I love it when when people can change that concept in their brain and look to a new technology as as something that improves their life. And so when people embrace that or like when when people try it out and and they are successful, like you or or my world record holder, had no idea that this could ever be any different than then you go to the bench press and you immediately just go way up. That I love about that, because the fun thing I like to do is that I have I do a little kinesiology strength test for people and I'm never I never get tired of it because they it's just it's like a light bulb goes off in their head when they feel it on their body. Wow, I'm I'm stronger. I mean, how did that happen? It happens because there's physiology that you're not using and h that's what I really that. It gets me excited when when this early on, this was a theory, but when this theory becomes a reality, becomes it's become a true principle. It always was a true principle, but now we know the effects that that it can give us and the benefits when somebody runs faster, like I was at a combine. A guy ran two tents faster in his forty Um a guy lifted ten times to fifty, more than he'd ever lifted before. And Guy jumped an inch and a half higher in his vertical. A guy jumped seven inches in his uh in his broad jump, and these are things that I love about it because I could. I know that this is a true principle and to be able to teach it to people and show it is really never gets old for me. M H Dr Hutchinson, amazing interview, all types of great statistics, data knowledge, and what I really love about the interview are the stories between your world record holder, between the guy. Ladies and gentlemen, two tenths second faster than the forty is a lifetime. If you're a corner and you're in a four six or you're in a four four, that could be millions of dollars in your bank account from a four six to four four. If you betch two twenty times, but then, with power plasmology, do to thirty. That's millions of dollars in your bank account. Right, Broadshahn, vertical job, all these things, and that's what I love about our show is the authentic stories behind great people like Dr Michael Hutchinson and their products and what they do. And those stories are the differentiating what I call USP unique selling proposition, factors that make you say yes, Dr Hutchinson, I want powerplus mouthguard. I wanted from my football team, from my young athlete. So people that are saying that right now in there mind, Dr Hutchinson, how can they purchase power plus mouthguard website? How can you get in touch with you to purchase this phenomenal product that I use myself, which helps me with my row performance? You can go to powerplus mouthguard dot com and you can easily order right there and it'll come to you in two to three days Um, and all you have to do, there's a video on there to watch how to fit it. It must be fitted correctly. So I'm difficult bolts, but we're not talking about what you're used to.

Or you just warm up some plastic and bite into it. You don't want to do that. You want to know where your jaw position is, your own physiologic job position, and that comes from swallowing, not biting, and so you kind of swallow into the plastic as it cools down, and then every time your teeth are together on that plastic, that's your physiologic job position and you can run faster, jump higher, hit the ball farther, stay in the game longer. Run a marathon, your wall moves to twenty miles and staid of sixteen, all those things because you're running a peak physiology. So that's uh easy to do. POWERLESS MOUTHGUARD DOT COM. Everybody. The authentic tip for today. Dr Hudges said. Just said it. I love what he's said. Peak performance. I don't care if you're an athlete, I don't care if you're a business owner, I don't care if you are in corporate America, it doesn't matter me. If you want to get paid top dollar, you have to operate at optimal peak performance. Otherwise you're gonna get paid a lower level. When you come to the table optimizing peak performance, you are gonna get paid what you deserve. That's what power plus mouthguard does for athletes. It helps put you in the best position to optimize and maximize peak performance. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr Michael Hutchinson, phenomenal interview. Go to power plus MOUTHGUARD DOT com. Go and get yourself one. I use it. I have like people I know that use it. It works. I'm not just saying it's because he's a sponsoring a great guy. I've been using it now for at least about six months and it's been absolutely a life change. Your in my lip thing and how I trained my body to optimize at peak performance. Everybody thank you for listening to they'll get off into the marcus show. Have a fantastic day.

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